All I got is a "quickie"

Geesh I’m beat! Long day today folks so I think all I’ll be able to muster up is a “quickie”. I recently bought a new trailer so I’ve been hard at work delivering hay in an attempt to get it paid off. The Buckaroo and I took it out this morning on her “Madden Voyage.

We had to pull to Dublin, Va. and ended up making several trips. This makes for a really long day but, the Buckaroo was in heaven. The farm we delivered to had several dogs who LOVE to play catch and, they had a nice John Deer to unload with.

I’ll assume you noticed his “signature wave”.  Again, he had a BLAST. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it wore the little fella out…

And I thought “Coon” could snore! LMAO .. I didn’t have the heart to tell the little fella that we still had to feed and water at home. I gotta tell ya …. being a “paw-paw” is AWESOME.  All the stress and “whatever”  from the firehouse simply vanish when I can get off duty and spend a day with the Buckaroo. Oh, by the way; you do know he’s my grandson … right? So many people e-mail, comment or ask about my “son”.  I post about him all the time …. If I’m off duty, he’s usually with me etc so I guess most people just assume he’s mine. Well, in case you didn’t know or were wondering;  I have 2 beautiful daughters and no sons. Randi-Jo (25)  and Reba (22).  The buckaroo is Reba’s son. I know … I don’t look old enough to be a “paw-paw” but it’s true (it’s the mustache that makes me look younger).

Speaking of kids, my good friend and Brother Firefighter (Roanoke County Fire / Rescue) Brandon Sheppard had his first child and I failed to mention it on a post. I’ll give all the details tomorrow but Brandon’s son was born on November 17th (Reba’s birthday) and turned 3 weeks old yesterday. Mom, Dad and Baby Sheppard are all fine and Brandon returned to duty this cycle. Again, I’ll fill ya in with the details in the next installment.

Speaking of the next post, I have some “good stuff” lined up. I have been elevated to a new level in “blogdom”. Elevated or “dropped” to … you’ll have to decide. I also have some “scoop” on some fellow bloggers that is sure to bring a chuckle … or at least a grin. I have pics and video and even a “smear campaign”.

Anyway, you’ll have to check back tomorrow for all that. As for now, if  it’s “Day 16” of  “Santa’s Sexy Helper” you’ve been waiting for…. here she is ….

Day 16

Hot tub and Tottie time! Back to duty tomorrow …. I’ll see ya then. Stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines