A "catch up" quickie…

Another long day …. long … windy and COLD! OMG ! The Buckaroo and I have been hauling hay all day and most of tonight. My new trailer has already paid for itself

This one is longer than my old one so I can haul more bails per load …. that means saving money which means making more money. My current “farm hand” even works cheaper than the last 4 or 5 I’ve had. I do have to spend a little extra for “Bug Juice” and pampers though..

How many 2 yr olds do you know that can operate a 100 horsepower tractor and load over 8 tons of hay?

“Farm Hand” ??? Who am I trying to kid? The Buckaroo is at minimum the Farm Manager! I gotta say .. he really keeps me going. Ok, so moving on to Fire Department kinda stuff…

There is approx 25 hrs left for you to get your entry in for 1st ever Iron Firemen give away. Back on Nov. 28th, we asked to see your firefighter tattoos. We have had several entries thus far and the deadline is tomorrow night at midnight. See the original post and contest details HERE.

I mentioned a day or so ago that good friend and Brother Firefighter (Roanoke County) Brandon Sheppard and wife Terry was blessed with a healthy baby boy back on November 17th.  James Hunter Sheppard. Both mom and baby are doing fine. I think Brandon is ok too … LOL. I understand Hunter got his 1st tractor today … I sure, like with the Buckaroo; it will be his first of MANY. I don’t have a pic of the little fella yet but here’s his daddy…

Yes … that is County and City firefighters working (training) together. Brandon came out and rode a shift with the Melrose Misfits a few years back. Check out the post from that day HERE and be sure to read the comments .. you’ll laugh your butt off.

Since I’m on a “Roanoke County” theme .. I have been wanting and needing to do a “shout out” of sorts. Well, what ever you want to call it, “Boss Man” asked me to say hello and give a little “Blog Fame” to Roanoke County Brother Jarad Hall. Jarad is another “good ol boy” turned firefighter. He used to work in the hardwood flooring business so he was no stranger to hard labor before getting on the job. So, if any of you County guys still read or follow the site, let Jarad know I said “hello”.

Ok, I’m gonna wind it down for now. I’m cold and tired. One more day of hauling then it’s back to duty on Wednesday. Before that, the Brothers at #3-A are gonna have a little pre-Christmas “get together” tomorrow night at Buffalo Wild Wings Valley View. Every and anyone is invited…. the time is 7pm. Hope to see ya there.

And NO … I didn’t forget .. here’s day 12 of Santa’s Sexy Helper … enjoy

I’ve got some “big news” concerning “Opie” but need a little more time to do it justice… stay tuned for that and more. Thanks again for reading and hanging in here while me and the posts are spread a little thin. I’ll make it up to ya .. I promise. Until next time, Stay safe and in house ….

Captain Wines