Another level of fame!

Oh yea.. I’m hitting the “big time” now! I bet Statter or The Fire Critic don’t have a Christmas oriniment … well, I do. Kinda … sorta… At least Hydrant Gal “thinks” it’s me ..LOL

How’s that for a headline Statter?? “Ironfiremen’s influence has no borders” .. (she’s from Canada Dave). Cool huh? I’ve followed Hydrant Gal for some time now and always enjoy her postings. Check out her latest installment HERE. It’s kinda cool how we have never actually met  yet something as simple as a Christmas tree ornament reminds her of me. I hope her and “firefighter” have a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays … thanks for thinking of me … it warms my cold little black heart (LOL) !

Speaking of warming here’s another “cold weather tip” that I forgot. This one is for at home more so than the station but an important one just the same..

1.) Pour Brandy into the toilet (and don’t flush it). That way, if you haven’t paid the ele. or gas bill or maybe if you’ve been too lazy to cut firewood and the heat is off ; the toilets wont freeze. Also, it assures the dogs have a reliable source of water and they end up a lot happier at the end of the day LMAO.

Yea… I’m “sick” (LOL).  Either that or my brain is frozen. Have I mentioned how cold it is? Geesh! The Buckaroo is the toughest man I know. He’s running around like it’s summer. We’ve had several chores to accomplish this morning and he’s hung in there like a CHAMP. We fed from the John Deer as opposed to the New Holland and that always gets him a little excited…

This John Deer is a 2555. It’s the oldest tractor I own but there are several “neat” things about it. It’s not every day that you see a IAFF Union sticker in the back window of a tractor now is it?

She was also in the 2009 St. Patty’s Day Parade here in “the Noke” …hauling the IAFF L-1132 wives / kids etc…

I guess when you’re as simple as I am, little things like that are kinda cool. So anyway, the Buckaroo has done just fine today and we’ve even got a little work done.

So, I wanted to take a minute to get ya Day 11 of Santa’s Sexy Helper up just in case I don’t get the chance tonight.. here she is

I may not get the chance to post tonight because Im gonna slide over to BW3’s for a few adult beverages with the boys from #3-A and whoever else shows up. Im sure I’ll have to listen to a few “hero” stories from Rhett (The Fire Critic). They caught some more work the other day . He was the 4th Engine in so I’m sure he made 5 or 6 rescues single handedly or knocked down the fire with a can or booster line. He talks all that “fluff” about working on an Engine and all but there are a few of us who know the REAL truth…

yea.. he’s a Medic at heart.. LMAO.  Don’t forget to submit your firefighter tattoo … deadline for the “give away”  is midnight tonight!Also, you won’t want to miss Taking it to the Streets with Chris Naum on  Firefighter Netcast  tomorrow night. Chris has a huge list of guest that are sure to make this a show you wont want to miss. I’ll check back in as soon as I can. Until then, stay warm, dry, safe and in house!

Captain Wines