Firefighter Tattoo winner!

A few posts back, I announced Iron Firemen’s 1st official give away. I talked about wanting a new tattoo for Christmas and my inability to decide what to get (keeping in mind that fact that I don’t have a lot of spaces on my body large enough for a tattoo). I asked to see your firefighter tat’s and offered up a  Firefighter Edition Monopoly  set to whomever I choose as the winner. See the original post HERE.  The deadline for entries was midnight last night and the decision was difficult but I have decided on a winner.

Congratulations to Chris  of Hoffman Estates, IL.   I picked Chris because he was my 1st entry. He was quick to the punch and I like that. Chris is also a fellow blogger.  As a firefighter, you also have to like anything with a “wee bit O’ Irish” in it. Anyhow, he’s the winner and here’s what Chris had to say about his Tat..

“My Grandfather was ND class of 1934, so I grew up loving ND and watched many a football game perched on his lap. I live, eat and sleep ND football in the fall. This tat combines my two biggest loves next to my wife and my two little girls, ND and firefighting. This tat was done at Doc Finn’s Ancient Art Tattoo in South Elgin, Illinois by the owner, Augie. It’s about 15 years old now, might need some touch-ups soon.”

“Incidentally, if you look straight above the helmet you’ll notice a cross-shaped scar. That’s one of 4 on that shoulder as a result of putting my rotator back together after a RIT drill. It wasn’t the handcuff knot though, lol. We learned our lesson on that one.”

Thanks to everyone who participated. You Firefighter Edition Monopoly will ship out tomorrow Chris, I hope you enjoy it.

See ya in a little while … until then, stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines