Mustache envy runs wild, a busy day, visitors and day 10 of Santa's Sexy Helper

OMG … the “mustache envy” around this place. My site gains a little popularity and now everyone wants to look like me? I’m serious .. mustaches are showing up everywhere … look ..

That’s big ol lovable Captain Mac Craft from #3-A

Even our messenger truck driver Donnie Foutz has been caught up in the obsession

Yea.. that’s Rhett (Fire Critic) but I’m NOT gonna call that a mustache … it’s more like a shock absorber for a high speed ass kisser (LMAO). Heck.. the Buckaroo’s Halloween stache was better …

Even our Emergency Management Coordinator is sporting a traditional stache.. check him out in this video from our local news following a train derailment here in the “Noke” this past week.

The point of the video was if our Department is prepared for a derailment where “Haz-Mat” is involved. Wouldn’t you know it… Haz-Mat training today … WooooHooo! All kidding aside, the training has been on the schedule for some time now. Kind of a refresher for Haz-Mat Awareness … another much needed and well presented class. Good job and THANKS guys.

It’s been kind of a hetic day around here. I walked through the door and caught a run for a MVA with extrication. Ladder 5 and Medic 5 filled the ticket and the boys on the truck made quick work of the driver’s side door of an F350 pick up truck. I had command and snapped a few shots from my phone (sorry for the poor quality / size).

No life threatening injuries and a job well done by everyone on scene. The rest of the day has been just as busy. The forecast is for snow tonight so traffic and the stores etc have been a mad house! I guess since they’re calling for snow, I may as well throw up a “snow bunny” pic huh?

Let it snow, let it snow, LET IT SNOW! … Yea.. I know … that’s why you guys love me (LOL). Ok, so we also had several guest drop by the house today. A good friend and Brother from Salem stopped by for a cup of coffee and chat. Newly promoted Captain Kevin Tottin …

Kevin run the Salem end of our regional Training Center. A strong worker and damn good fireman .. a “good Jake”. He’ll do very well out there and the recruits are lucky to have him. We also had a visitor from all the way up in Crawfordsville, Indiana. I’m not gonna mention his name or why he was here but somehow or another, he got hooked up with the FireCritic and came down for a visit. He joined us last night at Buffalo Wild Wings for a few “adult” beverages and some good conversation.

Some folks in attendance but not pictured were Tim and Christene Cady, Kevin Tottin, and Gavin Miller. We had a good time and even solved some FD issues (as most firefighters do when out drinking). We found out that “J.G” (pictured front left) and girlfriend Hanna are expecting a baby girl on Valentines Day! We heard tales of  “don’t ask, don’t tell”  situations at station #5. Gavin eluded to who was voted in as the new Chief for Read Mountain Fire / Rescue … he mentioned something that began with “Ho”  but quickly changed up and confessed that it’s now Chief Chesson who holds the position. We investigated the “disappearing pike pole” from station #9 and even got to see a few phone photos of “Atilla’s” girlfriend Britney (boy was he smashed! ) LOL .. just kidding there… he wasn’t smashed but we did see the pics!

Ok, so I was talking about our visitor from Indiana. He had a BLAST. He even dropped by the station this morning for a tour and to say thanks for the hospitality…

Despite today being busy or a little hectic, it was better than the day I had yesterday. NOTHING went right. Fighting the cold and wind! If you don’t think it’s windy here, just look at whats left of one of my barns …

Yea.. it was one of those days!  What are ya gonna do? Anyhow… moving on.. my last post revealed the winner of  my Firefighter Tattoo contest. See Chris Sterrickers submission and tat  HERE.

I guess I also need to introduce Day 10 of Santa’s Sexy Helper … here she ..errrrrr … they are..

You’re welcome. So I’m also doing another “product review”. I just received a copy of “Red Flag Warning”, a serial arson mystery by Kurt Kamm ..

Rhett over at Fire Critic has done a earlier review of one of Kurt Kamm’s books One Foot In The Black. See how he fared with the Critic  HERE

Ok, to wrap things up … don’t forget to tune in to Firefighter Netcast tonight for Chris Naum’s Taking it to the Streets. Tonight’s episode is Looking Forward Through the Rear View Mirror.

Join us on Wednesday night December 15that 9:00 pm EST for an insightful look back at 2010 and forward into 2011 and beyond with a stellar line-up of fire service leaders.  The lineup of Scheduled guests include, Deputy Coordinator Tiger Schmittendorf (NY), Chief Glenn Usdin (PA), Captain Willie Wines (Va), Bill Carey (MD), Chief Doug Cline (NC), Lt. Rhett Fleitz (VA), Lt. John Mitchell (IL), and a few others on the invite list who might just drop in on us.

Ok, that’s it for now…  I’ll talk to ya later from Firefighter Netcast’s East Coast Headquarters … yea.. I’ll be on the show so don’t just tune in … CALL IN!

Until next time, stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines