Good news! Salvage and the Fire Critic MIA?

I have some really good news to pass along on a local level. Those of you who have followed me for a while  (yea…both of ya)  will know the boys I’m talking about… for all others, I’ll explain in a moment.  

That was my little “happy dance” LOL.  Coon and Opie have been with me since our days as “Melrose Misfits” back at station #9.  We were just recently separated with my move to Lucky #13.  That said, we are only blocks away and that can’t erase the bond we’ve built over the past years. These two guys are very special to me .. the whole crew for that matter. Bugg, Coon, Wheezy, Tyrone and Opie. They were one of the best companies in the “noke”. OUTSTANDING work and honest men. Hard working. They achieved several accomplishments that made me very proud and they continue to do so.

That’s part of what it’s like to be on the job. Especially to be on the job and be a Captain. You watch the men grow. They set goals, work towards them and eventually achieve them. I don’t just mean goals on the job … personal gaols as well. We’ve shared weddings, child births, bought new cars or homes. We’ve celebrated and cried together …we’re a family.

Well, the video above had a little humor in it but it also says what I feel.  I AM PROUD!  Proud for Coon becoming a father and proud of Opie for obtaining another career goal. Becoming an EMT-I is not easy. Its a step from being a BLS (basic life support) provider to becoming an ALS (advanced life support) provider. Opie took the class and then passed both the written and practical exams on his first attempt. RARE.. and like I said… NOT EASY. And Coon getting Sherrie pregnant …. well ok, maybe that was a little easier …. and 10 times more fun but still… I bet he worked up a sweat ! LMAO .. just kidding. This will be Coon and Sherrie’s first child together and that will a great source of joy for them both I’m sure. 

 If you’ve never met em (Opie and Coon that is), I’ll take ya back to our “Misfit” days and blog and show you their segments of “meet the members”.

Here’s how we introduced Coon …..  click here

And, this is how we introduced Opie … Click  here

So, there ya go and once again … I’M PROUD OF YA BOYS!

Ok, moving on real quick …. SALVAGE.  In case ya haven’t noticed guys… it’s Christmas. No matter where you work, rural, urban etc. we have to pay a little extra attention to a few details concerning our job. I want ya to think about line placement, stream application, overhaul operations and most of all…. SALVAGE. Guys, don’t go kicking doors and blasting through homes like a bunch of bulls! Pay attention to what you’re doing and where you’re doing it.

Some folks are fortunate and have a BIG Christmas. A tree hidden by the piles of gifts, decorations passed down through the family for years etc. Others .. well some others are not so fortunate. I want you to keep in mind that even if it’s only 1 or 2 packages under a tree or maybe even just leaning against the couch (because they couldn’t afford a tree) … maybe if it’s only one small ornament setting somewhere in the room… maybe this is all the Christmas they have. DON’T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM EM! The fact that you are there means it is bad enough!  Don’t soak down the living room and all the packages under the tree because of a back bedroom fire.  If mom was hiding the few small gifts she was able to purchase for her child in the closet, DONT stomp on or soak those either. Slow down just a touch at this time of year. Know your surroundings.  Move the ornaments / packages etc before pulling ceiling.  You see what I’m getting at here. We can all afford to slow down just a bit and pay a little more attention anyways..right? Try to keep in mind that all so important function we have to complete on each and every fire… SALVAGE!

Ok… that was my mini-rant. Have you guys noticed anything odd?? Are we missing anyone?? It seems as though the Fire Critic has been MIA for a few days. He’s gonna make out like he’s been in Nashville with family but I have a sneaky suspicion he’s been up to something. Maybe he and Statter are conjuring up some kinda scheme for a “mini-Santa” take over of Christmas???

of course, if they are; they’ll need one of Sant’s Sexy Helpers …. guess I’d better leave em with Day 6 …

That’ll do it for now… you guys stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines