Christmas Eve update

Yea, I know…. a much needed one. In my defence, I have been busy and still managed to get a “Sexy Santa’s Helper” up every day as promised. Like everyone else, I’ve spent the last 4 days shopping. Well, I assume everyone else waits until the last minute because I ran into em everywhere I went. For me, shopping is a struggle. I’m not good in crowds and I am not very patient. All in all, I held up pretty good. It wasn’t all shopping though, I did get to spend some time with friends and family along the way … I’ll fill ya in

After the feeding and farm chores, the Buckaroo and I embarked on what I like to call our “scouting” day. We hit the stores and “scout” for gifts that may meet our needs. I dropped in to one of our local “sporting goods” type stores and the Buckaroo was in AWE. I don’t know if you guys know who this “Lightning McQueen” or “Tow Mater” are but the Buckaroo sure does. They are characters from the 2006 movie Cars. Now, there is going to be a Cars 2 and he knows it … I missed  True Grit  but you can guarantee I wont miss Cars 2. If you really didn’t know about  the Cars characters, here’s the link.

Anyway, at the Sporting Goods store, the Buckaroo scouted out a possibility for himself ….

For his sake, I sure hope Santa’s knows that this store had one in stock…. hummmm.  We moved on to Victoria Secretions and several other stops (the gals working in Victoria Secretions sure latched on to the Buckaroo .. wink wink). As you can imagine, all that shopping…errrrr “scouting” can make a fella thirsty so we met up with Boots and Pop for some refreshment…

Special thanks to our bartender (server or whatever you call em now) Stacy.. She tolerated us… they were cold and she kept em coming..

We had to drop in by Station #3 (A-shift) for a bit as well. We had to pick up their new kitchen table to have a little custom work done. If everything turns out as planned, this will likely be the top table of the “Noke”. I can’t wait to see the finished product! The guys at #3 have been busy as elves making all sorts of items for in and around the station. One of the most notable is the fireplace they constructed for the dining / living room area. They also put up a tree and hung their stockings with care …. the place looks GREAT!

Later in the break … I also got together with some more friends and family. My dad …. “Pop”  always fries up a bunch of oysters for a Christmas Breakfast. We usually try to do this on Christmas Eve but, since I’m working today; the schedule got bumped forward just a bit. It was a good crowd and fun gathering … just what Christmas should be .. shared with friends and family.

 I had a brother from Salem (Kevin Tottin)  helping me on the farm that morning and I couldn’t work him that hard and not feed him. 1st Lt. Brent “Lumpy” Berry, currently assigned to “The Deuce” on B-shift was there along with 2 retired members. Riley “Big Joe” Petersand now twice retired Jimmy “Jimbo” Jennings. Here they are …

Pop and his brother (my Uncle Chuck) did a bang up job behind the aprons and there wasn’t a crumb left..

Of course, between the eating, drinking, shopping and scouting, I did have to get some farm work accomplished. A lot of it was regular stuff … feed, checking cow / calves, busting frozen water etc. But, as you’ve come to know with me … I usually don’t do much of anything that’s regular or “normal”. Ever seen an “Outhouse” that’s in house? No??? I though everybody put em inside..

I called it an “outhouse” but you may also know it as a “johnny house” or “sh## house”. You may remember a post a little while back where I talked about the Buckaroo and I spending the evening at the Cabin on the mountain behind the house. If not, catch up HERE . Anyway, the outhouse will soon make the trip up the mountain to it’s resting spot beside the cabin. How’s that for a Christmas gift?

So, as you can see, I have not been ignoring you folks … it’s just that time of year. I should be back on a regular type of schedule now so keep checking back with me.

I need to give a quick shout out and big THANKS to Brother “Firefighter Sonny” who gave me a heads up the other night as to Spike TV’s Hooter’s Snow Angel Special … grrrrrrrrrr…. now that’s quality broadcasting .. pay attention Statter

In case ya missed it … check out the link  HERE.

Ok, I’m gonna stop here for now but I’ll be back in a bit with a little more. David “The Hammer” Lucas is pulling an “OT” tour with us today and thus far, we’ve been busy enough. See ya in a bit, until then, don’t forget those “stocking stuffers” .. stay safe and in house.

Captain Wines