Ok, that’s enough silliness for the night. It’s Christmas Eve 2010 and I wanted to take a serious moment and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Our Battalion Chief (Teddy Adkins) is off sick but still made arrangements to have steaks delivered to every station on the North Battalion. Well done Chief … they were delicious… and THANKS!!

There was a time when the Chiefs came by and shook the member’s hands during the holidays. Now, we get e-mails. Teddy  Chief Adkins came by last cycle to wish us well and Happy Holidays (he was scheduled for vacation this cycle despite now being sick). That’s “old school” to me and I, for one; appreciate it.

There are Brothers and Sisters all across the world who are pulling a tour tonight. I always try to take a moment off to myself and say a little extra “word” for those working the Holidays. Most folks don’t realize the sacrifices made in the name of “public safety”. Firefighters, EMT’s, Paramedics, Police and dispatchers all away from their families to serve and protect yours. If nobody else says it, I will … THANK YOU!

Brothers and Sisters everywhere are hopefully sitting with each other telling stories and rubbing full bellies. If I were a betting man, I’d say there is also a lot of toy “construction” going on tonight. Those are some good memories. The “senior” men throwing away the instructions, telling you how many times they’ve put something “just like” this together. A few runs, a sledge hammer and halligan later, the toy somewhat resembles the picture from the box. LOL. Working Christmas and Christmas Eve is difficult (emotionally) but trust me.. cherish the tour. The men and women beside you are “family” as well.

We didn’t have anything to put together tonight but Georgie did bring in one of his presents for us to play with. A remote controlled helicopter! It is AWESOME … check out this video..

I couldn’t help but to reflect on the two brothers lost this week up in Chicago.. Edward Stringer and Corey Ankum. See a little of who these men were through The Fire Critic’s site  HERE. My thoughts drift to their families and the difficult time they are enduring through this Holiday season. I haven’t posted on their deaths yet and won’t get into my thoughts and feelings on the issues tonight … not on Christmas Eve. Dave Statter has the tentative arrangements etc on his site  HERE.   I also found where my Lt. from the “Melrose Misfit” days took the time to put together a small tribute …nice job “Bugg”.  I will post it below with another link from Statter to web sites and Face Book pages where you too can leave your condolences. Find those sites  HERE

Our day has been fairly steady. The morning brought a few runs .. one MVC with moderate damages was the most excitement .. it happened right in front of the station …

Traffic is heavy due to last minute shoppers. Drivers are more pre-occupied then normal … be CAREFUL. Use the rig as a shield… wear your PPE (including safety vest etc) .. and stay alert.

Boots is off on vacation so we have big Dave “The Hammer” Lucas riding OT…. here’s Big Luke

We’ve had a few visitors pass through and a slower evening as far as runs go. I hope we stay in house for the remainder of the shift. I hope you do as well. I’ll leave ya with the Christmas Eve edition of Santa’s Sexy Helper (s)….

I’m not sure if the big guy is gonna make it but I’m pulling for him! Have a safe and Merry Christmas … I’ll check in tomorrow.

Captain Wines