Roanoke's bravest continue to battle …

We’re fighting on all fronts here in “the Noke”. Our biggest battle right now has Retired Battalion Chief Bobby Slayton fighting to recover. I’m afraid his condition has not improved. Actually, he was moved earlier today to  Pallative Care  in room 1040. The family is now accepting visitors in moderation. Mikey Overacker has some great shots of Chief Slayton’s retirement party over on his site … I’ll steal one and you can check out the rest    HERE

Our Brothers and Sisters from A-shift had a pretty good fight on their hands yesterday as well. A small fire in a local high rise resulted in 21 people being displaced due to water damage. It’s my understanding that the sprinkler system held the fire in check but a busted sprinkler line caused significant water damage. The local news coverage is below …

Rhett has the story over on VA Fire News   HERE and Overacker has some good photos HERE.

Boots (Todd Harris) did a little fighting of his own today … We’ve been slammed! We caught a small car fire earlier in the day and as usual, Boots knocked her down quickly. Here he is doing a little mop up work with the can ..

The owner of the vehicle is a past member here. Charles went by MANY nick names … “Link” .. “Henry” .. “Diesel do” .. and most notably “Bones”. Another retired member, Leroy Edwards; dropped by last day and we sat around telling a few old stories and jokes. “Bones” was the topic of many. It was good to see both of em again, I just wish it had been under different circumstances for Bones. Here is a shot of Leroy and Bones (we put him in the rig to stay warm … he said they sure do make em fancy now)

Football practice for the Roanoke Rampage  has began but I had to miss em both this week. Practice is being held on Monday and Wednesdays and I’ll be sure to get some good pics and updates for ya then. Until then, check out the link to the new site .. For all you corporate type readers out there.. WE NEED SPONSORS !  We play 100 % for charity in the National Public Safety Football League. The team is made up of Police and Firefighters from the Roanoke Valley and surrounding area. We have a great schedule this season and will play teams such as Chicago and DC . Go to our web site for more information on how to become a sponsor and support a charity.

Speaking of sports, the Guns and Hoses Hockey game is this Saturday night, 7pm at the Roanoke Civic Center! Another great event to benefit MDA. Tickets are only $5 and it is a BLAST! Make plans now to attend .. you wont be disappointed.

Heck, even the Buckaroo is getting geared up for all these battles. He’s been wearing my football equipment all week …

I told him that maybe he needed to toughen up just a bit before he plays full contact football with a bunch of 40 and 50 year old men. He then explained to me that he was “tougher than he looks” and proceeded to show me just how much by fighting a bear that he found sleeping in his bed ….

Well, the bear was starting to get the upper hand so the Buckaroo changed tactics ….

LMAO .. that’ll teach that darn bear!

Me?? I’ve been fighting too. Fighting to get caught up on the farm. I’ve been hauling hay all day everyday but can’t seem to get ahead. Of course, I have all the other chores to accomplish as well .. feeding, calving, fence repair etc. I also had to put up a new garage door on one of the barns. The good news there is one of our Brothers from #5-C happens to do garage doors on his days off. Mark Brown came out yesterday evening and into the night to get that big S.O.B up… THANKS AGAIN BROTHER!  Here’s a shot of Mark at work and a few of the ol “Cowboy Cadillac”  hay hauling as well …

Ok, we’re sitting on 10, I have clothes in the washer and more hay to haul tomorrow…. I’d better stop here and work my way towards bed … I hope we can stay in em tonight. Thanks for all of the comments and e-mails .. I have several to reply to and will do so in the next day or so. Thanks too for just reading and following along …. I’ll check back in tomorrow sometime … until then, stay safe and in house!

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Captain Wines