This is an important update for us local folks concerning Chief Slayton. Bobby’s situation is not improving …. arrangements are being made. The Chief is resting comfortably in room 1040. Local 1132 is now posting a member by his door for as long as needed. WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Members should be in Class A uniform

They need not be at “attention” but should be professional and by the door

The member can help coordinated the flow of traffic / visitors into the room

The member will also be available to accommodate any needs of the Chief, his family or visitors.

Shifts at his door should be approx. 2 hrs in duration. We will stand this post 24 hrs a day for as long as necessary.

Any member is eligible to stand a post

At this time, call A-Shift VP Todd Stone to schedule a shift. I am working my way into town and will take over the coordination efforts due to Brother Stone being on duty. We will let you know when, where and how to change contacts..

I will post a schedule here on this site and possibly in a few other locations.

Contact Brother Stone at station #6 for details or I can be reach by cell at 540-597-8068 … leave a message if necessary..

I will update in the next hour or so … as soon as I can get to town …

THANKS in advance for all the thoughts, prayers and concerns … the family is aware and is thankful.

Please continue to  keep them all in your thoughts and prayers..

Captain Wines