Working back to normal …

Working… with a ways to go yet. The past few weeks have been emotionally draining and I’m spent. I have not yet posted the names of the City Brothers and Sisters who filled the stations and manned the rigs so that the B-shift Brother could attend the funeral. Captain Bedwell has assured me that I will receive a copy and as soon as I do, I will post it here. Names or not, THANKS to each and every one of those members for their sacrifice and display of brotherhood.

I slao did not re-post the names of the members who stood post by the Chief’s door while in the hospital. I had the schedule posted  HERE and it contained the names.  We have received several comments from friends and family as to what a benefit and honor the postings were. Thanks too are due to the Brothers and Sisters who filled the schedule. Captain Sellers commented in an earlier post and I think it is worth repeating. Here is Captain Sellers’ comment …

“I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to all those who answered the call for staffing our apparatus so that the on duty personnel could attend Chief Slaytons funeral. Those of us who were able to attend the funeral because of the generosity of the brothers and sisters of our neighboring departments must remember to return the favor when the time comes. The Honor Guard did an OUTSTANDING job during the visitation, at the church with Daryl Songer and Insect Reid pulling the “ironman” duty, and at the graveside service. Very impressive.
The brotherhood that has been exhibited throughout this whole ordeal has been tremendous. From the non stop flow of visitors when the Chief was still in the regular hospital room. To the fellow retirees who sat with him through the nighttime hours so that the family could go home and get some well deserved rest. To the overwhelming response to request for the posting of a firefighter at the door of the Chiefs hospital room, it didn’t matter if it was 2:00 in the afternoon or 2:00 in the morning, the need was met. By pure happenstance, I had the distinct privilege and honor to be with the Chief when he passed. After we exited the room so the family could have their private time with him, as I made my way to the hallway where I was having an emotional moment, I was met by the crew from Station 8. I was the recipient 5 heartfelt hugs and words of comfort.Thanks guys. In less than 15 minutes after the Chiefs passing, my phone is ringing with the word of his passing. Craig Sellers”
I have also received multiple calls and comments as to the job or Honor Guard did. I am not near articulate enough to express just how proud and honorably they represented our Department. Rhett and Drew are working on the pictures and we will have them posted between the sites ( Ironfiremen, Firecritic and VaFirenews ) as soon as they are available. Here’s one from my camera ..

I also failed to mention that several of us made our way down to Martin’s Restaraunt following the service for something warm to eat and cold to drink. It was a good turn out to raise a glass in Bobbie’s memory …

That was my first trip to Martins and I must say that it was very nice. The beer was cold … the food great and the service even better. They even had a picture of ole (now “Historic”) Station #1 on the wall … how fitting! Here’s a shot of Pop (my Dad..Willie Wines Sr.) taking a look…

Willie Wines Sr views picture of Roanoke City Historic Station #1 where he was assigned with Chief Bobbie Slayton

Sitting amidst Brothers and Sisters, having a few “adult beverages” and sharing old stories is one of the best ways to ease the grief. I now the trip was good for me and I feel as if it had the same effect on the others.

Tonight’s post is titled “working back to normal” and that’s what I’m trying to do. The evening at Martin’s was a beginning and today has been helpful as well. Today was the first in many that I’ve had the entire day to devote to the farm and catching up on my work here. I wish I could say that I got more accomplished than I did but at least I got the most important objectives completed … I’m getting back to “normal” (as if anything about me is “normal” ..LOL).

I had my helper with me today so if nothing else, I had an open ear. Not only does he listen to my ramblings (as long as I’m letting him drive the tractor) but he also asks enough questions that I’m forced to talk.. LOL. I think he needed to get back to work as well … my being distracted and off has upset his balance as well. He was as glad to be outside as I and seems to be readjusting rather quickly ..

For us, just being outside .. feeding and riding riding the tractor is “theropy’ of sorts … we both needed it.

Like I said… A good day and “just what the Doctor ordered”. The only down side was the weather. Once again, it was COLD! Now, it was nowhere near as cold as it was on the day of the funeral but it was still cold enough to freeze your nipples off so take my advice  … keep your shirts on ( I can’t believe I just said that ..LOL)

Yea.. I know…. how could it get better you may ask??  How about if we had a “MAGIC” beer pouring machine?? Yea… it pours em from the bottom … really fast and with no head …

Take the time to check out  THIS LINK  to see this little baby in action ….. I want one! Hey .. if you folks are reading, let me be the first to offer a “product review” from … send over the magic machine, a couple thousand cup and a truck load of kegs and I’ll get back to ya as soon as possibel  LMAO!

Ok … I need to do a little begging here … I’m sure most of ya are aware by now that the 2011 Blog of the Year contest has opened up. The contest is hosted and run by Rhett over on Fire Critic and this will be the 2nd year of its existence. Last year, the “Melrose Misfit”  blog place a respectful 3rd despite being a brand new site. My format here is somewhat different but I hope just as worthy. Actually, I hope it’s even better … I WANT TO WIN and I need your help.

Go to the FireCritic site  HERE to place your nomination and VOTE.You get one vote per day / per computer. Please take the time to vote EVERY DAY and ask all your friends and family to do the same.

I’m back on duty tomorrow then it’s off on a 4-day. Boots will be away conducting our regional CPAT test so we’ll have a fill-in for part of the day. I’m hoping we’ll be slow but I will get ya an update and post up as soon as we get a little sausage gravy in our belly. Until then, thanks for reading / following. Please remember to follow, friend and like us on “Picture Book” (Face Book) and to follow along on “Churp Churp” (Twitter) as well.

Stay safe and in house … I’ll see ya tomorrow

Captain Wines