A special message from the Banks family

I briefly mentioned in an  earlier post  the passing of the wife of a very close friend and now retired Captain Mike Banks.  Mike and I spoke at the funeral home and following the viewing of  how touched he was at the outpouring of support from the Department. He told me later that he wanted to write a small note thanking everyone for their acts of kindness and comfort and asked me to post it here.  I was and remain humbled and honored to have the opportunity to fulfill this request for such a dear friend.  Below is a personal note from Captain Mike Banks (Ret.) requarding the passing of his wife Luella.

“From Mike Banks and family:
Our family and I were deeply touched by the presence of the firefighters who came for visitation.  We were amazed by the number who came to pay their respects during this difficult time.  I thought a few firefighters  would visit  but, when I saw the number of firefighters there;  I was  overwhelmed.  It was comforting for me to see all of you.   You asked if you could do anything for us and I know you would have if we had needed or asked .  Thank you so much.  There were over thirty firefighters from Roanoke Fire/EMS and Pro-Tec Fire Services in attendance ( active and retired ) and,  the majority of firefighters were on duty.  Several people commented on the presence of the firefighters and were very impressed.  They mentioned that the firefighters are a brotherhood and I couldn’t have agreed more.  I’m proud to have been a member of the Roanoke Fire/EMS Department.  I will never forget each of you and again  thank you for your kindness, support, and prayers.”

Luella Myers Banks  12/16/1960 – 12/30/2010