Funny videos, contests, cake and a steak dinner … catching up with

Ok, the past week or so has been scattered and sporatic at best.  Locally, we’ve had two deaths and subsequent funerals to attend to ( Chief Bobbie Slayton and Luella Banks, wife of retired Captain Mike Banks ) so my normal hi-jinx and shenanigans just wasn’t appropriate. I did manage to squeeze in a few posts containing some decent content and wanted to make sure you didn’t miss em …

I posted 2 pretty cool videos. The first, is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a while. Dave Statter and FireCritic  have a video of a woman falling into a shopping mall fountain due to texting while walking . See that video  HERE. I think the video I posted of the scissor lift DUI tops the fountain hands down. Listen to the operator tell the officer “come on up fatty” and “maybe I will … maybe I wont”  LMAO I’m still laughing.. (**WARNING ** This video contains adult language)

I also posted a pretty cool video from the Bedford Vol. Fire Department (Bedford, Va.) . It’s title is “Old School” and is worth the watch …

You gotta love any video with bag pipes playing … nice job guys. My birthday also occupied much of my time and posts thanks to “Picture Book”.  I’m just figuring out the technical … computer type stuff and had no idea that Face Book sent your birthday out to the public (or your “friends” anyway). I was hoping to keep mine quiet this year but that didn’t happen. I was very pleasantly surprised to receive SEVERAL Happy birthday wishes from my friends and followers. Once again, I’ll say THANK YOU to each and everyone of you for taking the time and thinking of me.

I too often think of others and their feelings and didn’t want my “little buddy” Rhett Fleitz to feel left out just because it was my birthday. We made him a cake too …

To catch ya up around the station last cycle (we’re on 4-day now) … it ended pretty good. Boots (aka. Todd Harris) fell into some “easy money” and decided to share it with the Battalion. In an effort to “one up” the Chief, Boots bought steaks for every member of the C-shift North Battalion. He even got one for his previous Captain Clayton Martin (now at station #3 .. me and him traded houses a few months back)…

LOL .. he had a “special steak” cut extra thin just to frett Clayton a bit. Of course he did this without my knowing because as I’ve said here many times,  ” there are a lot of things I can tolerate but fretting is not one of them”. LOL All kidding aside, Boots had some very nice steaks cut and marinaded.

We took ours to Station #5 where everyone chipped in to trhough together a fantastic meal. Steaks, baked potatoes and salad…

L-R Lt. MArk Brown, (back turned) Schrader, Todd Harris "Boots", Gish, 1st Lt Sam Stump and Tom Mougin closest

The only thing better than the steaks was the desert. Carlie Walshe whipped up one of the best damn cheese cakes I have ever eaten … walnut and Carmel .. OMG!!  Ummmmmmmmmmmm

In other news, I’m slowly but surely breaking in (or rubbing off on) Lucky #13’s A-shift Captain Lynn Flora. He’s already wearing a “cowboy hat” in to work ….

Ok, so that’s more of an “Indiana Jones” hat than a cowboy hat but it’s a start … after all .. I’m working with Lynn here ..LOL. Lynn has been a huge help to my hay operation here lately. The “cowboy Cadillac” is still down and Lynn has been allowing me to use his truck to assure my deliveries are being made. I hope to get my truck back today or tomorrow .. cross your fingers and THANKS again Lynn

Nothing else was really “blog worthy”  from the cycle .. just the typical or “normal” runs. I’m hoping things will calm down a bit now and ease back to a regular flow.

Football practice is tonight and I’ll try to get a few pictures from that. The Roanoke Rampage   are gearing up for our 2nd season in the National Public Safety Football League. We are a team (and league) of Police, Fire and Rescue members who play full contact football for charity. This year, the Rampage will play teams such as Chicago and Washington DC !! but, WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need fans in the seats and right now, we need SPONSORS. Check out our web site  HERE   for contacts and to see how as little as $250 can make a difference and help support a great cause.

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Ok, I’ll stop here for now. I will try to check back in later tonight (depending on how I feel after practice). Until I get back to ya, Thanks again for the birthday wishes and  for reading and following along. Don’t forget to vote … to “friend” and “like” me on Face Book but most of all, stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines