Product Review .. Red Flag Warning

Red Flag Warning
Author: Kurt Kamm
Published by Aberdeen Bay 2010
ISBN-13: 978-1-60830-029-7 (ISBN-10: 1-60830-029-3)
Serial Arson Mystery (294 pages)

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A “Red Flag Warning” is a forecast issued by the United States National Weather Service to firefighting agencies.  It is issued when conditions are ideal for wildland fire ignition and propagation. It is most commonly used in Southern California during the mid to late Summer months when the humidity is low and the erratic winds combine to create an explosive fire potential.

This serial arsonist mystery is set in Southern California, Los Angeles; during the Santa Ana Winds. The perfect set up, if you will; for a Red Flag Warning.

A serial arsonist has free rein on the hills of Southern California and Kurt places the reader right in the middle. Kamm gives us a detailed view through the eyes and mind of Los Angeles Fire Investigator Captain Jim Kendall. You will follow him step by step as he struggles to capture and bring to justice the deadly arsonist dubbed “Night Heat”.

The book will keep you guessing from chapter to chapter as to Night Heat’s identity as Kamm also places the reader in the mind of several “suspects” and other characters. For me, this was one of the most interesting aspects of the book. Kurt gives a detailed perspective from all points of view. A true mystery. He even allows us a look into the mind and through the eyes of  Night Heat (the arsonist)  as Captain Kendall gives chase.

You will feel the intensity and curiosity grow with each chapter as Kamm keeps you guessing as to Night Heat’s true identity. I found myself holding out for “just one more chapter” . In the end, Night Heat’s identity is revealed … or is it? I’m not so sure. Like I said, a true mystery that will keep you guessing … even after the final chapter.  I’m still asking myself … WHO IS NIGHT HEAT?

 Kurt Kumm’s writing is fact based as evident from his acknowledgements. Kurt spent time in wildland firefighting camps,  on the job with actual arson investigators, in 911 centers and even in jail (for research purposes) to gain a full understanding and perspective about his characters.  He has personally lived through several wildland fires himself  in Malibu, California.

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Red Flag Warning is sure to please any mystery reader and is a “must have” for those in the fire service. Visit Kurt’s site for your copy today … tell him Ironfiremen sent you.

Thanks to Kurt for allowing me the oppurtunity to review this book. I look forward to his next publication and to finding out for certain the true identity of  Night Heat.

Captain Wines