The adventures of "Coon"

LMAO … no…. that’s not “the” Coon I’m referring to pictured on the left. I’m speaking of past “Melrose Misfit”  Scott Boone … aka “Coon” (although I do see some similarities in the real Coon and the one pictured left).

The Coon we all know and have grown to love turned 40 today .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COON! Sherrie, his expecting wife; threw a suprise birthday party for him last night and it was a BLAST!

The Buckaroo and I haven’t been “out on the town” in a while so the night out was a welcomed and needed break. The event  attracted a good crowd of attendees and also brought the “C-shift Melrose Misfits” back together for the first time in a while.

Some of you may not know or may not have been following my postings for long. The “Melrose Misfits” is what we called ourselves while assigned to Station #9-C. We began a web site / Blog there and that’s where my blogging career began. You can still find that site  HERE

That stretch at Station #9-C was one of the funnest and most memorable of my career. I had a GREAT crew. We worked like a well oiled machine … each knowing not only what to do but what the other was going to do as well. We worked hard and played even harder.  A ton of calls together …. good and bad .. those boys went through plenty of doors together. You wanna talk about firehouse shenanigans … GEESH!

Anyway, Coon was my “Senior” Private. Today, our Department doesn’t give much credit to seniority (until vacation sign up) but I was raised in a Department / Company that respected and honored it so that’s how I run my companies today. Coon is a Firefighter / Medic which carries enough responsibility on its own. Being the Senior Private added to his burden and he carried it well.

The Senior man “binds” the company. He is the “go to” man. It was Coon’s responsibility to take care of any and everything possible before it had to get to the officers. I leaned heavy on the Lieutenant and in turn, the Lt. (Bugg) leaned on Coon.

Coon was our “1st driver”. If Bugg (the Lt) was off, Coon was the first to step up to the driver’s seat. Likewise, if I was off; Bugg would slide to the Officer side and Coon was 1st pick to the driver’s. Again, he handled all of his responsibilities well.

L-R Captain Wines, Scott Boone and Jeff Proulx

Here’s an actual shot of Coon (pictured in the center) .. he doesn’t look quite as bad as the “Face in Hole” pic just above depicts..LOL 

 I say Coon handled his responsibilities well and that may be somewhat of an under statement. In the latter part of 2009 he placed 2nd on our Lieutenant’s Promotional List. In January 2010 he and 3 other members were promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. The promotions would soon be rescinded ..yea .. taken away… “boomarang bugles” .  Someone “mis-counted”. 

 I eluded to my feelings on the matter in the discrete,  elequant and soft way that so often is displayed in my nature. See those posts  HERE  and  HERE  (the Earnest T. Bass “counting” video was genius!  LOL ). Well, someone didn’t see the humor in it because on 1/11/2010 they busted us up. No more “Misfits” … split…busted … GONE   (click “gone” for that post).

Melrose Misfits of #9C ride again ... L-R Wheezy, Capt, Coon, Bugg, Opie and Tyrone

 That last link was our last day together. Me, Lt. Rob “Bugg” Reid, Scott “Coon” Boone, Travis “Wheezy” Meador, Ben “Tyrone” Obaugh and Brad “Opie” Glidden.  That was until last night. Coon’s 40th birthday was enough to get us all back together under the same roof.

We all managed to stay on the same shift after the “big moves”. Coon and Opie went to Station #3 with me (of course I’ve since been moved to Lucky #13), Wheezy, Bugg and Tyrone stayed at #9 and made the move into the new consolidated Station #5. Tyrone soon left the Department for a job in HVAC. See that post   HERE

Last night was just like old times and it was great to be back with the boys! It even brought Coon to tears as he spoke of us as his “family”. I can tell ya this .. we feel the same way. I have spoken many times in my postings of the bonds this job creates and how they can not be broken or taken away. The six of us share such a bond.

L-R standing Lt. Rob "Bugg" Reid, Travis "Wheezy" Meador, Scott "Coon" Boone, Captain Wines, kneeling L-R Brad "opie" Glidden, Ben "Tyrone" Obaugh

Here’s the last picture taken of all of us together on the job.

There were plenty more Department members in attendance as well as tons of Coon’s family. The event was catered by J.J. Price and company from Station #1 aka The Big Show. Pulled barbecue, baked beans, mac salad, and slaw. Ummmm Ummmm

There were also plenty of  hourderves and adult beverages on hand to push Coon “over the hill”  in style.

His Cake was pretty cool as well. Sherrie told me who made it but the honest answer is that I’ve forgotten. I did wonder who that “Scott” fella was and why his name was on Coon’s cake .. LOL There were good looking gals EVERYWHERE you looked. The Buckaroo even “hemmed one up” for a while. ..LOL. I think he was a little “sweet” on Rhetts Daughter Jade.

I’ll finish up with a few more random pics from the party ….

And a few of Old Coon himself ……