Just like I told ya!

Ok… I told ya in the last post that we would be taking it to the next level and it all begins  NOW!

Voting for the  “Black Diamond 2010 Firefighting Blog of the Year”  in now open and I am a nominee! I am STOKED! The contest winner will receive a brand new pair of   Black Diamond boots   plus own “bragging rights” for the next year. The event is hosted by Rhett Fleitz over at The Fire Critic. This will be its 2nd year in existence.

Last year, I (we) was / were basically a new blog / site. We had been running the  “Melrose Misfit” Blog for less than a year and had already gathered a decent following. We finished a very respectful 2nd or 3rd (I’m not 100% sure) behind   999 Medic.

The contest last year held only one category. This year, you can vote for your favorite Fire and / or EMS Blog in seperate .  The Happy Medic   was fortunate enough to have been nominated and selected for both categories .. Congratulations Brother!

I have commented on several occasions on how I really don’t  “fit”  the typical Fire/EMS Blog template. This is NOT a news site.  Nor am I a  “Training” blog.  I am not endorsed by nor do I represent my respective employer / Department. This site is about firemen … about how we as firefighters live. I offer (or try to any way) a look behind the uniform. We are people too. I blog and talk about whatever  “tickles my fancy”. Firehouse life … the events of the tour … my 2nd job … home life etc. Ironfiremen.com is about me .. my experiences and how being  “on the job” effects my life.  Hell … being on the job  IS  my life.

Anyway, that kind of makes me unique. By all accounts, I shouldn’t have a following at all …. much less one as distinguished as I do. My uniqueness allows me to do things and go in directions that other bloggers wouldn’t dare.

I share my personal life. A lot of my post are about home life, my 2nd job (farming) and my grandson … The Buckaroo.

I brought the first pic featuring “frontal nudity” the the Fire/EMS Blog Network …(at least he had his “fire boots” on … LOL ).

I constantly throw a little “eye candy” in for my readers. Firemen love … ummm … errrrr .. well … we like candy.

In December, I gave you days of beautiful women in a series I called “Santa’s Sexy Helpers” … yea .. you’re welcome!

Don’t get me wrong … I cover the fires too.

I offer my opinion from time to time. We discuss  “hot topics” and the latest trends of the Fire Service.

 I talk strategy and Tactics or take a lap around the “rumor mill”.

 My point here is that…  I’M DIFFERENT !

No need to change now right? Well, like I said .. this contest has me STOKED!   I wanna WIN ! I want to win for the Melrose Misfits. A new Blog who posted about our simple lives and captured an audience as faithful as you only to finish 2nd in 2009. I want to win for the “little man”. The blogger who is NOT retired (not that I don’t want to be mind ya) and can’t sit in front of the computer for hours a day ensuring multiple posts and thousands of hits. I want to win for the firemen. Yea .. the “Iron” firemen. The old guys who can hardly read and for damn sure cant type (Im speaking of myself here…LOL) but have enough seniority to have the probie click on to this site so he can see what me and the Buckaroo are up to. Most of all .. I want to win because it’s a contest .. yea … firemen HATE to loose! 

That said … I need an angle … a “catch” if you will and I think I have just the thing….  MORE EYE CANDY! This time, I have something for my male and female followers alike.

                                                                                                               FOR THE LADIES…

Look closely gals. Behind that pitiful excuse of  “paint” editing, there are 3 sexy firemen!

Is that a coat over the shoulder of the firman on the left? It almost looks like he is shirtless as well… hummmmmm

Are there 3 men behind that covering? The one on the right looks shirtless too.

Would Captain Wines really put 3 naked firemen on here just for us?





LMAO … you’ll have to figure that out and I can tell you how.   It takes  VOTES. Each day of the contest that I hit 100 votes, I will remove a piece of covering. One piece per day .. ONLY  after 100 votes have been received for that day and I’ll continue to do so until all the pieces are GONE!  Place you vote for Ironfiremen. com as often as possible for full exposure.


                                          FOR THE FELLAS



Yea … that’s a gal under there and YES .. you’ll want to see her. Just like the ladies .. you’ll have to work for it.

The same rules apply. Each day that I receive 100 votes, a piece of the “puzzle” goes away. Of course I’m going to remove them strategically but trust me .. it’s worth the vote!

I can’t tell if the votes are from the men or women and it really doesn’t matter. 100 votes per day is a good showing so cast your votes and both puzzles get unveiled.

A ” Win-Win’ right?  LMAO..


Would ya expect less from Ironfiremen.com??  I didn’t think so. Regardless of the out come … THANKS! In all honesty, it’s an HONOR to have made it this far 2 years in a row. It is also an HONOR to have made it in the company that I’m in. There are some GREAT blogs out there and,  for the life of me; I still can’t figure out what brings you folks here.

Get the complete rules and details  HERE. Vote as often as you can for me or whoever but please take the time to vote. These bloggers put a ton of time and effort into their sites and believe it or not .. it’s all for you … our READERS.

If clicking the pic above doesn’t work, click  HERE  to vote.

Don’t forget to check back … it’s gonna get better!   Thanks again for following. Don’t forget to “Share”  “Like” and “Tweet”.  It wouldn’t hurt to tell all your friends to vote either ….

Until next time … stay safe and in house.

Captain Wines