Taking it to the next level ….

It always comes or happens before you’re ready or expecting it but when the time comes … it comes. Here at the Ironfiremen Ponderosa, it seems as if that moment is upon us. We have moved to another level and it’s all encompassing. The Buckaroo, the farm, this blog and even my friends have been affected. I LOVE it … I’ve been laughing my tail off for days now …. let me explain.

I posted last day on Coon’s Birthday party. I took the Buckaroo with me and he seemed kinda “sweet” on my “little buddy” aka “Fire Boy” Rhett Fleitz’s daughter Jade. It was killing Rhett.  Me,  I’m used to it.  I raised 2 daughters … the Buckaroo is the only boy I’ve had in the house except for one of my dogs (Remington) and at times I thought me may be a little “shakey” ( if you know what I mean).  Anyway, as the saying goes; with boys .. you have 1 “rooster” to worry about. With girls, you have to worry about every “rooster” in town!  LMAO… now I get a little “pay back” for all the worry and firehouse fretting over my gals. Rhett was squirming and I’d bet my pension that if the Buckaroo could have gotten another one of those pink lemon-aids in Jade he would have that pink Boa she was wearing hanging on the mirror of the tractor or his firetruck bed … LMAO.

This morning (2 days after the party) he stepped it up a bit.  I was talking to him over breakfast .. asking him how his day was yesterday .. if he fed the cows .. had any trouble etc.  He was short on his answers and looked at me as serious as he ever has… “Paw Paw … what’s that  “Jade”  doing?”  LMAO .. I don’t know son why? … “I better call and check on her” he says …. how could I not give him my phone?

“Is Jade there? … I wanna play wif her ..” LMAO… that’s my boy! I wish I could have gotten Rhett’s reply on the video … PRICELESS!  He threatened harm to the Buckaroo but I quickly stepped in and advised him to pick on someone his own size … otherwise, the Buckaroo would kill him.. LOL.  I’ve learned Rhett’s “button” !

It’s been a good day for my little fella all the way around …. he got his first and very own tractor today. Better yet .. it’s a Deer..

We headed to Christiansburg to check on the progress / status of the “Cowboy Cadillac”. When the Buckaroo is with ya .. it’s a sin to pass a  ” Tractor Supply Company” store and not stop so we did. I had seen this little tractor back at Christmas but just didn’t have the money to buy it. Someone is looking after me because apparently they over ordered and now have then at less than 1/2 price.

The Buckaroo seen it … test drove one in the store and decided he needed one.  He explained how we could feed twice as fast by running 2 tractors and how much work we’d get out of another front end loader.

We loaded it on the truck and headed to the barn for assembly.


I had forgotten how many of those teeny tiny screws and caps they could put into one box.

Of course, the Buckaroo helped me to lay them all out in a neat and orderly manner …

A few pre-fab test drives … a little pushing around the shop floor and things began to go together nicely ..

Good thing for me … I had my little Buckaroo right there beside me helping …   

Nothing like a little “pat on the back” when you’re biting your tongue to keep from teaching your little helper every curse word you’ve ever learned.

I damn near had to call Fire Geezer to interpret the instructions for this thing. I’m not sure what language they were written in but I figured that he posts all of those British, German etc storied that he must know how to read some of this stuff …

I HATE the fact that I couldn’t afford this thing at Christmas because the look on that little fellas face when he was able to clim aboard was worth a million bucks. He LOVED IT!

He’s put a hundred miles on it already and I’ll have to but new teeth for the bucket by this time next week.

It’s days like today that make working 2 and 3 jobs just to make the bills worth it. I’m just glad I don’t have to paint or hang gutter… LMAO

We loaded her up and headed to the pasture for feeding.

Who could ask for more??  A beautiful girl … a new ride … and acres of nothing but breath taking views and cattle to fill out your day.

The Buckaroo really has taken it to the next level!!

As for me …. yea … I’m kicking it up a notch too.  Ironfiremen.com is gonna shift it into overdrive! Tonight at midnight, voting begins for the Black Diamond 2010 Fire Blog of the Year.  I wanna win this thing! I have some great ideas to keep you folks coming back time and again and hope that I can secure your vote. I’ll go into more detail in the next few posts as to why I’m “different” and hopefully deserving of your time.

Until then .. thanks for reading or following (no matter the reason) and don’t forget to check back in as soon as possible …. voting begins in less than an hour and a half!

Stay safe and in house …

Captain Wines