Firefighter Netcast Show

Rhett and John have asked the finalist of the  Black Diamond 2010 Fire and EMS Blog of the Year to join them on tonight’s show.  will be there!  Tune in at 9pm (EST) for the live show. The direct link is  HERE.

Voting is still open and going strong …. you can cast you vote   HERE every 6 hours.

We started the morning with about a 100 vote lead but, thinking  back to last years contest; that’s not out of reach. Plus, voting remains open until Feb. 1 so there is plenty of time for the others to catch up.

Speaking of the others … if you haven’t; you need to check them out. This contest has me in some GREAT company. Most of the Blogs I’m competing against are my mornings “must reads”.  You can find all the sites  HERE

Thanks again for following …. I hope you enjoy the content. Thanks too for the support and votes in the contest … keep em coming

Don’t forget to tune in tonight @ 9pm …. it’s hard to tell what kind of shenanigans will go on …

Until next time (the 300 mark) stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines