Reaching the next level …

We continue to reach “new levels” here at and I have to admit that I’m somewhat taken back. I have a ton of stuff to say and tell ya but I’m short on time today. You folks have stuck with me through thick and thin for this long so just hang on and I promise I’ll make it up to ya.

I mentioned in yesterdays post that the finalist in the Black Diamond Boots 2010 Fire / EMS Blog of the Year Contestwere invited to join hosts Rhett and John on Wednesday night’s edition of Firefighter Netcast. I made the show from the Firefighter Netcast East Coast Headquarters here in Roanoke. I know that sounds “fancy” but it’s actually a couple of re-cycled computers set up on an old ping-pong table with milk crates as stools at Rhett’s house (LMAO). We suffered some “technical difficulty” at the beginning of the show but quickly got it ironed out  I think it was due to some “mind control” top secret signal blocking, high tech, radar jamming , patula oblemgota thing-a-ma-jig originating from the World Empire building of Statter. Don’t worry Dave … despite what “Fire Boy Fleitz” says or how the votes turn out … you’re still the King of Blogs in my book..LOL

Anyway, I didn’t get the chance to show ya any pics from the Netcast so here they are ….

If you didn’t get the chance to tune in live, the show can still be found / heard over @ Firefighter

This posts title … “reaching the next level” holds true for several departments here at  The Buckaroo has reached a few of his own.  Most of you know that you hardly ever find me off duty without my grandson by my side. I have posted countless pictures of us here on the farm. He LOVES to be in the tractor or out with the cattle.

This time of year, it’s all about feeding and the birth of new calves. Again, this is no new task for the Buckaroo at only 2 years old. He has however received a “promotion” of sorts.  Typically, he is the “co-pilot” in the tractor. When I get out for gates or whatever, he stays in the cab out of the weather. He has really been on me lately about wanting to expand his duties … he wants to “cut the strings”… but how??? Hummmmm

That’s NOT his signature “wave” … he’s showing ya something ….

Yep …  a “new level” … his first and very own knife …. zip tied closed but Buckaroo-size just the same (here’s his beside mine)

It’s like a new “status bump” for the little fella. He’s actually proud that I trusted and gave it to him … you should see him strut around. Everything needs “cutting” now .. LOL   He can’t wait to show it off to Jade (Rhett’s daughter) … chicks “dig” guys with pocket knives  .. LMAO.

Give em that “wave” Buckaroo …

I hope all of you have a little “Buckaroo” in your life.  He sure takes all the worry and stress of the job .. bills etc out of my life. This is why we preach  EVERYONE GOES HOME! Enjoy and make the most of your time with em!

Ok… another “level” reached    …… WE’VE HIT THE 500 VOTE MARK!!!  WOW! I am humbled. I talked about it on the Firefighter Netcast show and will mention it again … I don’t know why .. or what draws you folks here but I’m honored. THANK YOU!

This site and the path to reaching this point in “Blogdom” are special to me. I had no idea that so many people were watching and reading. I guess this means that I’m gonna have to “step it up” a bit huh?

On the Netcast I mentioned that I can’t type or write. I stutter and stammer ..can’t spell etc. I can’t figure it out. You’re not coming for my content … I couldn’t be for my “style” or writing ability. No way  this many people understand my sick sense of humor. What?? What draws you here?   Ohhhh I remember … here ya go …

Happy now?? LOL  .. Thanks again for reading / following and voting. Remember .. voting is open through January so don’t quit on me now (I have a suprise or 2 up my sleeve for when these 2 are completely uncovered). Here is a direct link to  VOTE

While there, take the time to check out all the other finalist …. ALL of em are GREAT sites.

I’ll try to check back in a little later .. until then..

Stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines