A reader run blog …

What an idea right? Well it seems as though that’s is exactly what Ironfiremen.com has turned into. Here we are, in the middle of the   Black Diamond Boot 2010 / 2011  Fire / EMS Blog of the Year Contest and my postings have been sporadic at best. Well, who needs the author when you have fans (readers) like mine! You folks have stuck with me regardless and we still hold a sizable lead with only a few days remaining in the contest.

Voting ends at Midnight, on  Tuesday February 1, 2011. You can vote once every 6 hours right up to that point. The direct link to voting  is  HERE.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I take this contest VERY seriously. I WANTto win!  Just look at the company I’m in.  The top ranked and leading bloggers and Fire/EMS sites on the web today!

Statter,  A Firefighter’s Own Worst EnemyThe Happy Medic,  Wild Fire Today,  Fire Law by Curt Varone  and  Mike Ward  (aka .. Fossil Medic) of Fire Geezer are the ELETE!   And those are just the “Fire” Blogs!  For me to even be considered is unbelievable!

Anyway, this week,  the week of the contest; should be the week where we are posting three, four maybe five times a day. This is the one week out of the year that we want and need the extra traffic. We should be throwing out some “top shelf” posts…. I haven’t done neither.

I know … I know … excuses are like  “@#$ holes” … everybody has one…LOL.   All kidding aside, I’m facing circumstances beyond my control this week. You all know how hectic it is for me working the job, farming, blogging and trying to play football.  I briefly mentioned it in the last post (and will not go into detail) but, I’ve had a death in the family this week. One of my Grandfathers passed away and, understandably; has consumed most of my thoughts, attention and time.

If there can be ANY good news from events such as this it may be the fact that you are reunited with family that you don’t necessarily see on a regular basis (the sad news attached is that it takes events such as this to see each other again).  I have seen and spent some time with folks I haven’t seen in a while. Aunts, Uncles, old family friends etc but most importantly are 2 of  my sisters (I have 4).

You have all met Marci several times here on the site but have only seen my “baby sister” Jessie once. Jessie was in from Long Beach, Ca. just this summer for another family funeral. I took and posted the above picture then. I really liked how it turned out so I’ll use it again.

 Moving out wasn’t good enough for Jessie … she went all the way to California! She’s a lot like me (and all of us I reckon) in that she’s tougher than she looks. Who would have thought that the “baby” would move the furthest away?  Why would she do it??? Yea … a fella. I’ve met this cat one time and she sure seems to be sweet on him. He seemed like an OK guy but wears his hat a little funny … I need to “nip” that  ” in the bud” ASAP. … it may even be rubbing off on the Buckaroo..

LMAO… I hate a baseball cap worn “backwards” (bill to the back). The Buckaroo knows this. Every now and again, he’ll turn his hat around just to fret me (wonder where he gets the “fretting” from?)

The hat “pet peeve” has me in somewhat of a pickle. You see, now the Buckaroo thinks wearing his fire helmet backwards is the “right” way … the bill  IS in the front.

LMAO … how do I explain to him that some hats have the bill in the front while with  fire helmets it goes in the back??

I don’t know why but for some reason today, he HAD to wear his fire helmet to the funeral. I got him in his car seat and looked back to see him “sporting” it backwards .. LOL .. it wasn’t worth the argument or explaining so I let it ride.

You may also notice my little fella all dressed up. Typically, you folks see him nude or in farm cloths. Today, he’s all decked out in his “Sunday’s best”.

He even had a neck tie but his little shirt was too small to get the top button (he’s 2 and wearing 4’s) so we went with the sweater …. sweaters ROCK.

Yea … he gets his good looks from me .. LMAO

Hey Rhett … be sure to show Jade this pic ….

He doesn’t yet understand the concept of “good” cloths vs work or play cloths. I guess like about everything else the Buckaroo does, he gets it honest.

I understand the concept but can’t always make it work.

Now there’s a shot for ya … suit and tie on a tractor …. LOL .. talk about RED NECK!

So anyway, that’s why I haven’t been here as regular as I should have the past several days. Most of the family will return home tomorrow evening so my routine should work back toward somewhat “normal” …. thanks for understanding.

I have received several e-mails and comments throughout the contest and my time away. For those of you who sent them, hang in there … I will reply. I have received some great requests  and suggestions and will address them in the very near future.

Tonight’s title is  “A reader run Blog” because it has been your involvement that has kept me and this site going this week. Not only with the comments and e-mails, but also with the voting.  It’s almost mid-night on Sunday and we are very near to the 800 vote mark! WOW!

The votes keep coming in and I have already removed all the coverings from the sexy pics. Speaking of which … you’re welcome. I have received several comments etc on my ploy for votes. I did have an alternate idea …. I was going to post a picture of either Dave Statter or Rhett Fleitz shirtless and offer to ADD a piece of covering for every 100 votes …LMAO

For you ladies, you can find more pics like the one I used in several Firefighter Calendars. Rhett, over on Fire Critic; posted back around Christmas on his Top 10 Firefighter Calendars ….   HERES   the link and a bonus shot ..(one for my “Allstate”  gals  …)

Of course I can’t give one for the ladies and not do the same for the fellas ….. sorry guys … no calendar link for these …

Thanks again for the votes and support …. keep up the great work, voting ends at midnight on Tuesday. I’ve got another long day ahead tomorrow so I had better get a little sleep. I’ll try to check back in tomorrow night.

Until then, stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines