Well, we are  less than 24 hours away from the final results of the  2010/2011 Black Diamond Boot Fire/EMS Blog of the Year!  We are holding a sizable lead in the Fire category and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. THANKS again to everyone for following, taking the time to send comments / e-mails and for voting. We all know .. “voting is SEXY”..

The contest is in it’s 2nd year of existance and is once again  hosted by  The Fire Critic.

The direct link for voting can be found   HERE

The winners of the contest will not only receive “bragging rights” within the Fire / EMS Blogging community, they will also receive a pair of X2 Boots from  Black Diamond footware .  The contest didn’t have a sponsor last year so how AWESOME is it that a company like Black Diamond choose to come on board in only the 2nd year?

 I’ve worn multiple brands of boots in my career … Black Diamond is one of em. That’s another cool thing about the contest … the sponsor is  NOT  some “off the wall”,  non-firefighter friendly company … It’s  BLACK DIAMOND BOOTS!  Thanks to Black Diamond and The Fire Critic for hosting and sponsoring the contest which has brought some much attention to Fire / EMS Blogs across the country.

So, on to tonight’s title…  “Medics“.  What do you think when I say the word “Medic”? Yea…. me too … BAND-AIDS (LOL). Now, even though today Band-aids come in many different shape, sizes and styles .. the technology hasn’t changed, it remains….   STICKY SIDE DOWN!  LMAO.

Medic sometimes fall victim to “tunnel vision” or at times tend to either over or under thing the situation (that pretty much covers all the bases right?? LOL). What I’m getting at here goes back to the Blog of the Year Contest.

This year, there are 2 separate categories .. one for Fire Blogs and another for EMS. The other really neat thing about this is that you can vote for BOTH. You are entitled to one vote, every 6 hours but you can cast that single vote in one or BOTH Categories. In other words, you get one vote for each every 6 hours.

So, when you visit the link and cast your vote in the Fire Category for Ironfiremen … you can also vote again for your favorite EMS Blog.

Now, I’ve mentioned that we are holding a pretty sizable lead in the Fire Category but on the EMS side, the results are a little tighter. Some of the guys over there have followed the Ironfiremen lead and gotten “creative” in promoting their site and the contest. They are still NOT THINKING!  This is NOT rocket science … it’s as easy as Band-aids (remember???? sticky side down?)


Yea.. the gap on the EMS side is only around 150 votes and I’m confident that my supporters could close that distance rather quickly. My “Allstate Gals” throw out 100 votes every morning by accident just to see a little more “firefighter eye candy”! I think they are hoping for a personal pic but even has morals and standards …LMAO!

But think about it .. I haven’t pushed votes in ANY direction for the EMS side. We have a record high near 800 votes on the Fire side. In the final hours of the contest, if you needed votes … where would you turn???  You make the call …. That link and name “You make the call” is from  The Happy medic. Justin, (Justin Schorr aka.. Happy Medic) has the only site nominated in both categories!  He is running behind me in the fire category and holding 3rd on the EMS side … very RESPECTABLE!

The battle on the EMS side looks to be between  A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver  by Kelly Grayson  and Rescuing Providence   by Michael Morse. BOTH sites ( as well as the other nominees) are GREAT sites and without a doubt worth your time and the “read”.

I’m torn as to where to throw my support because I visit both sites regularly. I have never met Kelly or Michael yet I have shared several “adult beverages” with the author of   Life under the lights,   Chris Kaiser. Again, ALL are great sites. Neither has asked for my support or help. Maybe I’m being assumptive in thinking they need or want it. Maybe they don’t know how easy it is to get …  You don’t need big money to bribe me .. I’m a sucker for midget girls, thigh highs and/or beer .. LMAO

Anyway .. the main thing to do is thank Rhett and Black Diamond for the contest and until mid-night Tuesday … CAST YOUR VOTES!

Moving on … I get a TON of e-mails and read and reply to most every one. I got a cool one today from a Brother from the Lexington, Va. Vol. Fire Department. Chris didn’t know it but I have a “special” bond or link to the Lexington Department.

My dad (aka..”Pop”) began his fire service career as a Volunteer firefighter in Lexington back in the 1960’s. I have his helmet from those days on display in my “command center” today! I was born in Lexington at Stonewall Jackson Hospital as was my youngest daughter (mother of the Buckaroo) Reba.

The Shriners here in Roanoke now own a truck donated (or maybe purchased) from Lexington’s Department .. a 1959 Mack. Pop rode on this truck!  I was able to contribute something to it’s preservation as well. While assigned to Station #9-C  “The Melrose Misfits” we had the honor of  stealing   …. errrrr …” procuring” and loading the hose now in it’s bed. Check out that post  HERE and another on a different Shriner Truck  HERE

Thanks to Chris for following and taking the time to drop me an E-mail … Take the time to check out Lexington’s web site … These Brothers and Sisters really have their act together. They not only run a huge section of Interstate 81, they also protect a ton of our Nation’s history in facilities such as the Virginia Military Institute and Washington and Lee University.  Their site can be found   HERE.

I also want to draw attention to an article a fellow Brother and good friend Chris Naum published over @ Command Safety. The contract, which adds a much needed 6th member to 60 of the busiest rigs in the FDNY; expired at mid-night. Chris will give you all the details  HERE

Chris is a highly respected leader within the fire service and one that I look up to personally. Jason Hoevelman, of  A Firefighter’s Own Worst Enemy   and I posted on the 6th anniversary of 2 FDNY LODDs back on 1/23/2005. That day and the fire is now deemed “Black Friday”.  See my post   HERE and Jason’s  HERE. Chris also remembered the incident and our fallen Brothers with an in depth and excellent article which can be found  HERE  ….. again … a “MUST READ” for those of us on the job. Well done Chris!

Ok, so moving on,  and to finish up for the night; I need to give another “shout out” to my loyal readers and supporters in the Blog of the Year Contest. I have a  HUGE “cheering section” if you will but the gals of Allstate have been working overtime and it shows.  Apparently, firefighter pics are their motivation so I figure I had better give em a little something to hold them through the final hours … here ya go and THANKS again ladies!

Ahhh … what the hell … you’ve earned it … here’s another ..

I’ll check back in as soon as I can. My sisters are back in NC and the youngest (Jessie) heads back to Long Beach California tomorrow (have a sfe trip sis …. I love ya). Things will be back to normal here at Ironfiremen before you know it. Thanks again for following … Stay Safe and In House!

Captain Wines