WE DID IT !!!!

I feel like we just “dropped a bomb” on the Fire/EMS Blog world ….
Ironfiremen.com is now officially the  2010 / 2011 Black Diamond Boot Fire Blog of the Year!

I don’t know what to say other than WOW … and THANKS!  The results were announced live tonight on the Firefighter Netcast Showwith hosts Rhett Fleitz and John Mitchel. The winner in the EMS category was Kelly Grayson of  A Day In The Life Of An Ambulance Driver.

What a huge honor and shock. To even be considered in the ranks of sites such as Statter911, A Firefighter’s Own Worst Enemy, The Happy Medic, Wildfire Today, Fire Law and Fire Geezer is unbelievable.

Special Thanks to Black Diamond Boots and Fire Critic for sponsoring and hosting the contest!

We jumped out to an early lead and built upon it daily. I had so much help and support that there is no way I can mention everyone. My family was a big help. My mother in NC, had all her friends and co-workers on a “voting schedule”. She has offices in several states and they all not only follow Ironfiremen.com but participated in the voting! Cool!  I also have a sister in NC who was in charge of the Face Book campaign. Marci had all her “friends” checking in every day to cast their ballots. My baby sister lives in Long Beach, California so she headed up our West Coast campaign headquarters. Awesome job Jessie!

Here locally, my step-mother (Robyn) also “circled the wagons”. My “Allstate Gals” were on the clock every 6 hours to cast their votes … they were also quick to remind me when we hit the “100 vote mark” of the day so I would remove a piece of covering from the sexy male firefighter pic LOL.

Anyway … THANKS to EVERYONE who voted.  You know the old saying … “careful what you wish for”? Well, I took the contest seriously and will the title as well. Being the “Blog of the Year” places some extra stress / responsibility on the site. I’m already receiving request for product reviews etc but I also plan to improve and expand the postings.

Now, don’t get excited. I’m not gonna re-invent the wheel … another saying … “if it aint broke, don’t fix it”… but you will see some new approaches / ideas. All positive I hope.

I already have some exciting news and announcements but will wait until tomorrow when I can get a full post up. I just wanted to take a moment to announce the fact that we indeed won the contest and to thank EVERYONE for the support.

THANKS AGAIN …. I wont let you down.

Stay Safe and in house!

Captain Wines