More votes needed…

No, they’re not for me. I have posted several times in the past about sites or “blogs’ that I follow. My favorites are over on the right hand side bar. One of those links is to Hydrant Girl … or as I call her .. hydrant “Gal”.

She’s cool and I enjoy her site. Apparently she finds herself in the same boat I was a few weeks ago. She has made the finals in the Canadian Blog contest … the  “Bloggies”

Other than our very own Brent Scott, she’s the only “frenchy” I know so how cool would it be to help her pull off the win. If you take the time to visit her site, I know you’ll be pulled in as well.

She works a “regular” job and has achieved certifications as a firefighter and medic in her spare time. The best I can tell, she pulls some vollie shifts to gain experience and is aspiring to find a paying gig in the service.

She is married (yea … I know) to a firefighter so at least we know she is “firefighter friendly” or at least tolerant. The pic above and to the right is her wedding pic …. turnouts and a wedding dress …. who knew rednecks migrated as far North as Canada? (LOL).

She also has a mini-farm with horses etc…. like I said … my kind of Gal so check out her site and throw a vote or 20 her way. Her site can be found  HERE and the direct link to voting in the “Bloggies” is  HERE.

I’ll check back in later this evening / tonight ….

Until then, stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines

PS. maybe I’ll get a picture of Hydrant Gal with “removable pieces” for every 100 votes we send up North????  Now there’s an idea  😉