Behind every good fireman…

And  NO, I’m not talking about a Medic  LMAO!!! ( just kidding guys). I am talking about our wives or girlfriends. As big, bad and tough as we think we are…. take a minute and think about the women who keep us going.

Taking a little heat, some smoke, a little hard labor… that’s nothing compared  what most firefighters put their significant other through! TRUST ME … these gals are a whole lot tougher than we are. We’re gone 24 hours at a time. On our days off, we’re working again (2nd and 3rd jobs) or running around,  in an attempt to “unwind” ; who knows where, with who knows who and doing who knows what.

They see us at our highs and lows. For those of us who will talk and share our pain or stories, they listen…. for those who wont, they suffer the unknown. They take either with understanding and love and wake beside us in the morning to do it all again. They are as dedicated to us as we are to the job.

I’m telling you all this because I know a lot of my readers are actual firefighters. That said … I know how you are. I know how you think. I understand how easy it is to forget things. This is me helping you ….. TOMORROW IS VALENTINES DAY! Buy her SOMETHING …. ANYTHING…. go to Kroger in the morning if you have to … just don’t forget!

Here, in “The Noke”; we have some help. We have a Women’s Auxiliary. The Roanoke Firefighter’s Auxiliary.  These ladies do several things throughout the year to support our members. Their latest endevor was to hold a “Sweetheart Dinner”  last night at a local watering hole.

They make it easy for us. There are other firefighters there so the guys are comfortable.  We can hang out, have a few beers and tell a couple lies. Most bring a significant other so the women don’t have to worry about being stuck with a bunch of firemen standing around talking about “the job” … there are other women there  (who understand and share the same lifestyle) for them to connect with. It also gives our gals a “night out”…. something they all deserve!

Our gathering was at Corned Beef & Co. for dinner and drinks. There was also a Comedy Show afterwards. We had a great turnout and even a better time. THANKS and hats off to The Auxiliary, it’s President Missy Mutter and her board for another great event!

L-R Willie Wines Sr and George Perdue

The really cool thing is that the Auxiliary is able to draw both the “young” and “older” crowd. We had everyone from rookies to retired members in attendance. My dad … Willie Wines Sr … aka “Pop” even made it out.

We had ranks represented from Firefigher to Battalion Chief.

Friends, family, local supporters … you name it … they were there.

I don’t know how to help the Auxiliary gain more support for their events but I will say that if you are local and reading this … you need to get involved.

Check out the Auxiliaries site (where they also have contact info)  HERE  or on their Face Book page   HERE

Here are a few more pics from the event ….

L-R Randy "Smiff", Josh Compton, Scott Mutter, Lori Compton and Dale Barker








 The last pic there is Tonya (Rakes) Meeks. Tonya left our Department a while back for bigger and better things but she still remains a big part of our family. As you can tell, we all had a good time and hope to see more of you at the next event.

The dinner was held on an “A-shift” night so regrettably, Rhett wasn’t able to attend. I was hoping he was off and able to attend so he could have brought his daughter Jade along. The Buckaroo and I could have made it a “double date” LMAO…

Rhett gets worked up when the Buckaroo chases after Jade and he also seemed a little upset that he missed the dinner. Well, don’t worry, I made it up to him and took him out for his very own day of fun …

Skating!      LMAO …. look at the little fella go!

As far as the Buckaroo goes… he understood as well. The weather was a bit warmer today (despite the high winds) so not only did he get to help me (his “Paw-Paw) … today, was the first day he actually got to use his very own tractor …

So heres my point …. tomorrow is Valentines Day (or Today..depending on when you read this … MONDAY … Monday is Valentines Day … the 14th). Don’t forget to take care of those who take care of and love us.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to all of you ….. if nobody else does … I luv ya!

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Until I get back, stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines