Fires, Fretting, more fire and Hazmat in "The Noke"

WOW…. What a past couple of days!

I worked and extra shift yesterday (the 2nd half of it anyway) at Station #3. Rhett needed the day off so he could go to some kind of dance contest. Now, he put on like it was for his daughter but I know the truth.

He loves to listen to old disco music and almost passes out around a pair of spandex pants or mens tights.

A little “closet dancer” … LMAO.

Anyway, Devin Turner and I split his shift. Devin worked the day shift and apparently stayed fairly busy. I had a little work to do around the farm, finished up and came in for the 2nd half of the tour.

The evening was fairly quiet but then we were up at about 3am.

The dispatch sounded like we were going to work. Drew had the wheel so I was riding backwards. Its funny how your thought process changes from the front seat to the back.

I was thinking hydrants, house size and construction on that block, who is running with us etc. Then it hit me …. I’m riding backwards … we’re 2nd due so I better start thinking about catching a hydrant.

Turns out that it wasn’t as bad as it sounded. Engine 5 got in first and gave a size up including a fully involved couch in the front yard with a trailer leading into the front door, side “Alpha”. Yea… only in North West Noke do you get a fully involved couch in the front yard… LOL (you can see what’s left of the couch in front of the steps).

The brothers and sisters of A-shift #5 made a quick knock down on the couch and checked the structure. Apparently, the couch had been drug outside to keep the house from burning. Very little fire inside made for a signal of “can handle” for Engines 5, 3, Ladder 5 and Medic 5. Engine #3 really wasn’t needed at all.

So, that was the “fire” from the title .. now on to the “fretting”.

Yep… it’s Clayton again (Captain Martin from Station #3-C).  I don’t know why or how he gets involved in so much controversy but I’m glad he does …. we all need a good laugh every now and again.

So, Clayton was thinking along the right lines … he had good intentions.

He invited the Brothers from County Station #1 up for breakfast. Engine, Medic and Battalion #1.

Steak and eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, french toast, home fried potatoes, fried apples, home made biscuits, fresh fruit, fresh squeezed orange juice, hot tea, coffee and milk!

Rumor has it, Captain Martin even covered the cost from his own pocket!

ONLY ONE PROBLEM….. our Chief dropped by for a Sunday morning visit.  Guess who Clayton DIDN’T invite???  LMAO .. yep … the Chief was stunned!

Speechless at first. Embarrassed that he was now a “party crasher”. Embarrassment turned to anger and quickly to sadness. How could Clayton do such a thing?? His own Chief.  WHY?

Didn’t even save him a plate … not a crumb!

There sat Clayton, jelly on his chin and a silly little grin.

Coon had begged him to invite the Chief but Clayton wouldn’t hear of it … just like in Forrest Gump … it jumped up and bit him on the buttocks! LMAO

Ok, more fire. I posted earlier about the  Roanoke County fire last night on Two Ford Road.

The fire cost an estimated $500,000.00 in damages and displaced a family who was home when the fire started.

Another one of our C-shift Captains is a “two hatter” who happens to be the vollie Chief for the fire’s first due (Cave Spring Vol. Fire Department).

I spoke with Captain Robert Perdue this morning about the blaze. He said it was unbelievable.

The fire apparently had a good jump on the guys before anyone decided to call 911. Captain Perdue said that he has never seen a structure so fully involved upon arrival.

Initially, they thought their placement was good but then the high winds decided to change directions! He said the radiant heat was near unbearable. Embers were carried throughout the neighborhood sparking multiple fires. The embers also found resting places inside their hose beds which cost them approx. 500′ of hose. He sent me a few pics (taken by another Cave Spring member Ray Potvin). The last in the series was taken just as the members were opening up the ladder pipe …

That’s about how hot the Chief was this morning when he walked in on Clayton’s little breakfast… LMAO. The good news from the County fire is that there were no injuries.

Moving on … so I leave #3 this morning and report right back to duty here at Lucky #13. We had just gotten our breakfast down when the runs began.

It started with a faulty electrical socket in a nearby apartment complex and then escalated to a multiple alarm (and Regional) Haz-Mat incident.

A rail car from one of our local yards was leaking   Molten Sulphur . The Railroad had called in a private company to stop the leak and contain the spill. While attempting to do so, 3 workers were overcome. At least 2 of the workers were listed in critical condition.

the incident triggered a large response from Roanoke City, the City of Salem and our Regional Hazmat Team. Some local coverage  HERE

I arrived just in time to establish a “stagging area” and act as the Stagging Officer for the incident.

Our system works fairly well. All in coming companies responded to my location on a separate Tac Channel than the one assigned to the incident. There, I would collect accountability tags and record resources.

Command would then contact me on our Tac Channel and request the needed man power or resources. We shuffled a LOT of members through staging.

Roanoke’s Bravest did a GREAT job of identifying the product, evacuating the area, locating, packaging and removing 3 victims and then securing the leak / spill. Of course, the victims and responders had to be decontaminated on scene prior to transport to the hospital.

Ambulances, equipment etc .. EVERYTHING went through decon. At the hospital, they went through it all again. Our members returned home in “scrubs”

It’s incidents like this that make using the IMS (Incident Management System) on “everyday” calls even more important. By using IMS on EVERY incident, you become more accustomed to it’s procedures. It’s like every “little” incident is practice for the “big” ones.

I think the first in companies today were a little overwhelmed to begin with but after they got “settled in” things began to run more smoothly. No injuries were sustained to Fire/EMS Personnel and our thoughts and prayers remain with the 3 injured workers.

I’m gonna wrap it up for the night …. I still have a few reports to complete and I’m gonna try for a little shut eye. If you’re wondering, I think Rhett took 2nd place in his dance contest, the Chief is still mad and I’d bet my next pay check Clayton is pouting!

Yall stay safe and in house, we start 4 day in the morning and I’ll check back as soon as possible.

Captain Wines