Yea… I’ve been absent a few days.  I gotta tell ya … it’s just been tough lately.  I’m pulling my 24’s at the firehouse and then working as hard as I can … finding anything that will pay to try and keep the farm “out of the red”. I’m worn out. We’re hauling any and everything, working other folks cattle … you name it … anything to pay the bills.

The good news is that the Buckaroo has been right beside me. He doesn’t understand or see the stress or pressure so it’s easy for him. As for me … it’s taking its toll. I’m not sure how much more “shuffling” we can do. I’m not sure how many more hours I can work. I don’t think my body will take much more.

I try to stay positive and keep a smile on but it doesn’t always work. At least the Buckaroo makes it easier. Last night, we hauled gravel. Yea .. , In the night.

It wasn’t so bad because I had some really good help and it adds to a story line I can use here.  SPONSORS! I had some work to be done and didn’t have the resources. I needed a dump truck and the bigger the better. That said, I was (am) also BROKE so I couldn’t afford a high dollar truck or driver.

Lucky for me, the Roanoke Rampage had just received a new “Safety Sponsor”. …   L.J. Foley Hauling.  Mr Foley’s son “Axel” works for our Department (obviously his name is not REALLY Axel Foley but that’s what I call him). Anyway, Axel is a great guy and good fireman assigned to Station #1-A. Now, I need some help … I need a dump truck. Axel’s dad not only has a dump truck, he also supports firefighters and The Roanoke Rampage.

Who ya gonna call??? Foley Hauling! I can’t stress enough guys and gals … SUPPORT THOSE WHO SUPPORT US!

Mr Foley did a great job of putting up with “the Wines” work ethic and allowing us to do the job that needed to get done. Cold, rainy, blowing snow, late … not a gripe. Hell, he even let the Buckaroo drive …

We got some much needed gravel up to the barn at the house.

This will help with getting cattle in and out PLUS will be a huge  asset when we rebuild the barn that the wind blew down this winter.

Ok ..Ok .. plus it gives me and the Buckaroo a place to play “King of the Mountain”! LOL

THANK YOU to Mr Foley! If you guys need any hauling work etc done, I hope you give him a call. I won’t list prices but I assure you … he made it affordable!

Folks … WE are all we have! We have to support those who support us… we have to look after each other! This means supporting our Unions (ours is L-1132 and the meeting is tomorrow, Thursday 24th). This means supporting our Women’s Auxiliary (St. Patty’s Day , Tee-shirts and The Rampage Tailgate). The Red Cross, The MDA …

Support those who support our causes … Take this network for example. Black Diamond sponsored the Blog of the Year contest… they gave back to their buyers. Look at the advertisements listed on all of our pages … these folks contribute to our profession!


Here at Ironfiremen.com, I’ve been getting tons of it! Support, request etc… it’s been pouring in. Almost to the point where it’s overwhelming.

Folks want our merchandise.

They want me (us.. me and the Buckaroo) to wear or endorse theirs ..

They want to meet us.. for us to attend a event or teach a class here or there.

We’re on it! We are making plans and trying to figure out how to make it all happen.

We already offer “PRODUCT REVIEWS”  here on the site and we also have plenty of ADVERTISING  space available ( either in “link” form or “Ad Space”). We are also forming a teaching / speaking group / company to bring you the latest information and innovations from today’s fire service.

If you’d like to have Ironfiremen.com and our instructors come out to present a class or lecture on subjects such as (but not limited to) Social Media, Strategy and Tactics, RIC, Swift Water ,  and more simply drop us a line by using the “contact link” above and make a request. We ARE firemen so we understand firemen and keep our rates affordable. We can and will do anything from nightly training classes to weekend seminars etc.  As the plan evolves, look for more information but for now …. keep us in mind … we’re the “new look with an old face of the Fire Department”

OK … so again; I’m sorry for being MIA but hope you understand that I have really just been covered up. It’s a battle we are all fighting I know and if it’s any comfort, I’m no different than the rest of ya … working my ass off!

I have the chance to make some extra money this week. I’m gonna drive a “celebrity” bus down to Florida for a weekend concert (if it has wheels I can and have drove it …lol). I’ll give ya more details from the road … until then, stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines