Buckaroo withdraws …

Apparently, some of you are having Buckaroo withdraws.

Trust me ….he’s doing just fine! As a matter of fact, he’s even better than that.

The bad news is that you only have until April 17th to keep enjoying his presence here on Ironfiremen.com

You see, April 17th is his Birthday and I’ve already bought his present … shhhhhhh!

Oh yea… it’s real!

Talk about hell on wheels! (LMAO) … The little fella will never work another day on the farm or want to come in at dinner time.

It’s a 50cc … more than enough for his first ride.

This particular bike has been passed around through a few firemen. I believe it was originally purchased by Captain Scott Mutter for his son Justin. It was then sold to 1st. Lt Tom “Sanchez” Mougin for his son Thomas. Soon, it will be the Buckaroo’s!

She needed a little work but I hid her up at Smiley’s shop and we got right to work.

Next thing ya know, we had her up and running good as new. I still lack a breather hose for the air cleaner and a little plastic work. Throw in a good cleaning and she’ll be ready just in time for the 17th!


For those of ya worried … DON’T. It has an adjustable throttle stop and a pull cord so that I can walk behind him and kill the motor if necessary.

He’ll do just fine!

The hardest thing for him will be deciding who to take riding with him.

Most followers will know that the little fella is kinda “sweet” on Rhett’s daughter Jade. You may even remember him calling and asking Rhett if she was home  ( Taking it to the next level ) … LMAO I LOVE THAT VIDEO …” is Jade there? ”

For once, Rhett was speechless!

Anyway, the Buckaroo went to football practice with me last night and apparently has found a new friend …

Meet Kamren Stone. Stone as in daughter of Captain Todd and Chief Marci Stone ..

LMAO .. Marci has to be worried. We were assigned together back when she was hired and I made Lt. at Station #6.  She knows me pretty well.

She has to be wondering how much the Buckaroo is like me … and worried that he just may be …LOL

So it’s like I told ya … the Buckaroo is doing just fine. Oh wait.. the story gets even better. Yesterday, I took him with me to our local Cycle Center to buy a battery a his new 4 wheeler (he didn’t know what I bought or what it was for). Anyway, while there, he sat on EVERY motorcycle and 4 wheel in the place. This is no small dealership either..

My dad …aka “Pop” (Willie Wines Sr.) called and said he needed the Buckaroo to come over. He had a surprise for him. So, after leaving the Cycle Center, we ran by Pop’s ….

I’m not sure who had more fun or enjoys it more but Pop went out and bought a train set for the little fella. He even got a sheet of plywood and had it set up right in the basement … THEY HAD A BLAST !

Of course, now Pop is talking about more trains and cars. Some buildings, trees etc …. he’ll have an entire miniature town built in the basement before ya know it.

So there ya have it … girls, trains and 4 wheelers …. the Buckaroo is holding his own!  LMAO

Stay safe and in house (and thanks for asking about the Buckaroo).

Captain Wines