Off my game, Firefighter Netcast and Firemen hitting cops!

I think I may be in a “slump”.  Now, I’ve never been the articulate type (yea.. I used a “big” word) but usually, I get my point across. I don’t know why but a lot of the folks I’ve met through this site say they love it because of my style of writing. I write like I talk. I “shoot from the hip” and say what I feel. The mis-spellings and poor grammar add to the allure.

I posted yesterday on the ” Fukushima 50” and I’m afraid I didn’t get my point across. Either that or some of you took it wrong.

I haven’t received ANY feedback and that’s strange. I always get an e-mail or 20 saying I’m dead on or an idiot. This post… nothing. That and only 4 FaceBook “shares”.  If you will, allow me a few minutes (lines) to “set the record straight” and make sure I’m sending the right message.

Japan and the Japanese people are facing a horrible tragedy. I did not and will not belittle their situation. The story and articles I focused on were concerning 50 workers from a nuclear plant. About 800 were evacuated … sent out while 50 volunteered to stay behind and do what they could to stabilize the situation. I don’t know their “official” jobs or titles but would bet some are firemen (one article spoke of them using firefighting equipment in efforts to cool the reactors / fuel etc).

These men and women are true HEROS. Nobody can doubt or argue that point. Where I wanted to go with last night’s post was that these folks have always been there. They were heroes before the earthquake or tsunami ever hit. I’d bet they were willing to give their life for their profession long before last week.

It’s that fact that got me thinking of September 11, 2001 and every brother and sister on the job in America today.

It takes a disaster such as Japan’s for the media to “pick up on” the dedication some of us have for our jobs. The commitment . Our duty. 50 people with this type of dedication make national headlines while  we have over 1 million firefighters at the ready to do just the same in America today.

WikiAnswers  reports that in 2007 the U.S had 1,148,800 firefighters at the ready. I’m sure that today, those numbers are even higher.

It saddens me to think about that and how we are so quickly forgotten. You wont find a U.S. headline stating how many members we have at the ready to pay the ultimate sacrifice if need be. No …. we have no disasters here … no terrorist attacks. We’re not needed or thought about by the masses right now.

Our headlines are of money sucking union monsters. It’s now OUR fault that we are in the economic shape we are. How did this happen? Again, I never wanted to take away from the Fukushima 50 … it was just ironic to me … almost deshavu. Heroes today … forgotten tomorrow.

As I said in yesterday’s post, it wasn’t just the story but the pictures as well. Those guys walking out of the plant in their suits .. like out of the gates of hell. I remember the shots of our FDNY brethren walking out of the ash clouds… the rubble.

The aerial shots of the reactors and plant. I didn’t (couldn’t) find the pic I wanted to use but back in 2001, the post (or somebody) used a similar shot of  Ground Zero before the collapses. The trail of smoke from the towers …. it was all just too eerily similar for me.

The Fukushima 50 are true heros. They always have been. I hope their pay and benifits have reflected such dedication. I hope their families are, have been and will be taken care of. I hope they haven’t had to bite, spit, fight and struggle for every and anything they have EARNED. I hope the people who allowed and placed them in these positions thought enough of them to give them a collective voice in decisions pertaining to their lives.

Again, I never meant to take away from the situation they face. I only hope it doesn’t worsen. I hope that folks like the Fukushima 50, Japan’s firefighters, EMT’s, Doctors etc don’t face the fading feeling of worth that we have following the 9-11 attacks. My thoughts and prayers have been and remain with the Japanese people as well as with those involved with rescue and humanitarian efforts.

I hope that made sense.

Ok, Firefighter Netcast.  Tonight, my good friend and Fire Service Leader Chris Naum will be live with his regular Netcast show  Taking it to the Streets

Tonight’s show begins at 9pm est. and is titled “Near Miss Reporting and one Captain’s Close Call” .

I brag a lot about Chris and his work and can assure you that you wont want to miss tonight’s special 2 hour show. The show is live and has a call in number. Chris, Firefighter Netcast and I encourage you not only to listen to the show but to also become a part of it by calling in. The show also has a “chat room” where plenty of “off air” debate and discussion occurs. TRUST ME ….. TAKE THE TIME TO TUNE IN!

The Direct Link to the show is  HERE


Ok …  Firemen hitting Cops!  Wait…. it may be Cops hitting firemen … or a whole lot of both!

This Saturday March 19th, The Roanoke Rampage will host  Chicago Fire Department  for some full contact football for charity!


You all know by now that we play in the National Public Safety Football LeagueWe need to FILL THE STANDS.  The game starts at 3pm at Salem Memorial Stadium. Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for children. Remember …. all the money goes to great causes .

I’ll be meeting Chicago at the airport on Friday. I will get them settled in and assure they are comfortable and have everything they need. Then, I’ll see if I can get em out to a local “watering hole” and keep em out all night. That way, they’ll feel like crap on Saturday LOL. This outta be good! 

Anyway, please make plans to attend the game. We will have dancing girls, cheer leaders and the works. We have a GREAT program put together and are still selling our gun raffle tickets (Kelly Grayson … why haven’t you bought yours yet????) The weather is supposed to be in the 70’s so make plans to bring the entire family…. I’LL SEE YA THERE!

I’ll check back as soon as possible. Until then, stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines