A note from Father Webb..

I LOVE comments … especially good ones.

At dinner last night, I told Father Webb about this site and that he would “make the post” …. I’m not sure if telling a Priest to check out Ironfiremen.com is a good idea or not but I did…LOL.

Anyway, apparently; he checked it out.  He sent me an e-mail regaurding his visit and I thought I’d share it with you. I asked you folks for imput on Chaplin Programs and it seems as if he’d like some as well. It was also cool that apparently he was also familular with Father Judge… here’s his e-mail…

Captain Wines:

The pleasure was all mine last night. I never fail to be impressed by the warmth and welcome that I receive every time my boot hits the floor of a new firehouse, and last night was no exception. What a treat to get to meet both Station 5, the Battalion Chief, and Station 13 all at once! I’m dropping a thank you note to Station 5, Shift C, but it applies just as much to you and your men. Please let them know of my gratitude.

Please also let me know about any comments you receive back on Iron Firemen – ideas are just what we need as we start building a new program in Roanoke. As an aside, I have always had a special reverence for Fr. Judge and am honored that my work would have in any way called him to mind for you.How cool is that?

Peace to you in your work, and thank you again.

Yours in faith,
Fr. Sandy

The Rev. Alexander H. Webb II (“Sandy”)
Curate, St. John’s Episcopal Church”

If your department has a Chaplin Program … good or bad … please let me or Father Webb know about it. That’s one of the things we do so well in the Fire Service… learn from eath other!

Thanks …

I’ll check back later this evening…. I’m heading out to meet the Chicago FD in a few hours to get them settled before our big game tomorrow!

Until then, stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines