Fire Critic and Ironfiremen make FDIC in INDY

I don’t how but once again, I have survived another trip with Rhett. At 42 years old, you’d think I would have learned by now. Here’s how the conversation went..

Rhett: Hey Willie, we’re going to FDIC. I heard Statter got a gig up there teaching so I paid off a few folks and bought a class of my own.

Me: FDIC??? Is that like Fire house Expo?? What do you need me for?

Rhett: I need a face to go with my brand …. a bodyguard … someone to carry and set up all the equipment …. someone to draw the fans to our booth … someone to practice my presentation to …. I mean come on, after Art  quit you’re all I have. Why do you think we hired you?

Me: Look son … I have other things to do this week. The Buckaroo and I enrolled in a shoe tieing seminar, we have … WAIT! Did you say you only hired me after Art quit? WTF?

Rhett: Wait…wait  … wait. I didn’t say that. Art had a career change …. some “things” came up. He moved on… you were always gonna be on the payroll…. You’re our guy!

Me: “Always” huh? “Your guy”? Well I don’t know … maybe I should just do like Art and move on know … “refresh” until I spoil or that gig becomes “unfresh” as well.

Rhett: Willie, for whatever reason; I need ya. Name the price! Indy has some great strip clubs and I found us a flight at half price. The trip is on me!

Me:  The trip is on you? No cost to me???? Strip clubs??? Half price flight?? I wonder what that will be like (this is not my first trip with Rhett)..

Yea… you guys are right… I should have known. The thing is … he made it sound genuine…. like he needed me. I took the bait.

How was I to know that a half price flight was the equivalent to a half plane? I should have known better. Remember our trip to FRI in Chicago? See that post  HERE

Well obviously, when I seen that plane; I knew I had to put my foot down. I told Rhett … Brothers or not …. I will not fly on another of your “bargain” flights.. Call a mechanic or book us with another company!

Again, you guys know Rhett … the “Social Media King”… he reached out…

FaceBook, Twitter, 4 square you name it … he pulled no punches and got a repairman on scene.

As if my nerves weren’t shot enough!

Talk about a  “monkey wrench” LMAO

I knew right then and there that it was time for me to take control. Rhett was obviously in no mental condition to handle the logistics and planning of this event.

Enter Captain Wines … aka

Things started to look up!

Not only did I get us a legitimate flight, I also managed to get one with an attendant who recognized me from my site!

I didn’t even have to ask here for a pic …

A bump to first class and next thing ya know.. we’re in Indy!

That’s just how I roll !    LOL

We get in with no troubles and John picks us up at the airport and delivers us safe and sound to the hotel. We get out of the car and 4 guys walk up … STRAIGHT to me.

“You’re that guy” … “That web site” .. I stuck out my hand and said, Willie … Captain Wines of Iron Firemen. “Yea .. Yea … I knew that was you! That mustache … I love that site!” I introduced Rhett … “Rhett Fleitz of Fire Critic“.   Yea..yea “good to meet ya Capt!” LMAO.

It was GREAT to be recognized right off the bat. We settled in to our room, had a tottie or two, changed cloths and set off to meet Rhetts arch nemesis Dave Statter.

We arrived at Statter’s hotel to find that he was stuck in an elevator on the 13th floor …yea.. Lucky #13.

Actually, it was lucky because Indy’s  Ladder #13 was on scene to get em safely out.

Boy were we glad these guys were on the job! Within minutes, our beloved Dave was free and joining us in the Lobby. It was like he and Rhett hadn’t seen one another in years. The hugs … the kisses … a pat on the ass … yea ..( I threw up in my mouth) LOL.
Then, he had to tell us how he barely made it out of there alive. Ohhhh it was horrible! Statter puts such a “spin” on things. Then, he introduced us to all the firemen who responded to incident. He was like a moth to a flame I suppose because he knew them all by name (guess he hasn’t seen a real fireman in a while). One of the Jakes even let Dave touch his attic ladder! Dave was in Indy heaven.

All kidding aside, it was great to be back together with Dave and Rhett … the three of us “click”. We had a great meal, a few beers and then met up with someone you’ll be hearing plenty about in the near future.

Rhett recently did a product review for Foxfire … see that review and link  HERE . We had a nice chat over drinks with the President and “Illuminating Genius, Zachary Green. Zach is a great guy and as I said, you’ll be seeing more of him and his products very soon. Foxfire will be set up here at FDIC in booth #3124 … be sure to check em out.

So, we ended the night early for some much needed rest. We’ll be up and back at it in the morning. I’ll get our schedule and regular updates up as soon and often as possible. If your in Indy and want to “meet up” with Ironfiremen or the FireCritic, contact us via Rhett’s cell which can be found on his FaceBook page.

Until I get back to ya …

Stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines