FDIC bounce back

I’m just beginning to feel normal again after returning from FDIC on Sunday.

Our flight out of Indy was delayed and for once, our travel  woes were not due to Rhett’s scheduling or planning. This time, it was Mother Nature and despite her best efforts, we arrived home on time and with ALL of our luggage !

It was a welcome change to be awakened by the Buckaroo playing with his trucks and tractors rather than Rhett snoring or the need to hit the exhibit hall floor.

Now, don’t get me wrong ….. Rhett and I had a GREAT week at FDIC. Better than either of us expected. Long nights and longer days but in the end …. it will all pay off.

So, it’s taken me a few days to feel like I’m back on my normal schedule.

Jet lag or whatever they call it …. I don’t know.

I’m just happy to be changing the Buckaroo’s diapers rather than Ironing Rhett’s clothes…LOL

Yea.. I iron his clothes. It’s actually just like traveling with the Buckaroo. I have to get them both out of bed in the mornings. I get them their bath, dress em, get a little breakfast in their bellies and make sure they don’t forget their backpack (ok.. that’s just Rhett … Buckaroo wouldn’t be caught in public wearing a “backpack”…LOL ). They’re about the same size. Dave Statter even calls Rhett my “son” and there are  some guys around the firehouse who call him “Buckaroo #2” …LMAO

All kidding aside, Rhett is a GREAT travel partner and we do well together on the road. That said, there is still no place like home.

We left Indy on Sunday morning in short sleeve shirts.

 When I woke up Monday morning, it was snowing to beat the band!

Luckily, it only amounted to a coating but WOW what a change a day can make.

I live in a BEAUTIFUL valley between Roanoke and Blacksburg, Va.

It was almost calming to walk out the door to barn yards, hay fields and pastures rather than the concrete jungle that we spent our last week in … ok … it was calming .. VERY calming.

And, just like locations; I traded one “little buddy” for another…

A best friend for a grandson …..

Just look at the little fella. How many other 2 yr olds would be up and out at 6am, feeding cattle in the cold and snow and be alert and awake enough the throw his “signature wave”?

LMAO … he’s the BOMB!

It was amazing and humbling how many folks in Indy asked about the Buckaroo!

So, We’re home, safe and back to our normal routines. For me, that’s time on the farm … in the truck or tractor to reflect on this past week. I know I’ve said it here before but WOW … what a success!

Rhett knocked one out of the park with his presentation on Social Media!

See FireCritic’s  “FDIC Is A Success For This Guy

And just like with the Buckaroo when pees outside or in the pottie … I was PROUD! LMAO …. see  ” I ALMOST CRIED…FDIC CONTINUED ”

For the most part, everything in the Firefighter Netcast booth went good.

Once again, we were set up in the Fire Rescue Magazine Booth

Jeff Berend, Tim Sendlebach, GoForward Media and all of their crews are a CLASS ACT …. what a great bunch of folks to be associated with.

The interviews were AWESOME.  Tim is the Editor in Chief of Fire Rescue Magazine and is a great speaker. He also brings in some HUGE names from the fire service.

What a privilege to hear these interviews first hand. Thanks to Fire Rescue Magazine, Elsevier Publishing and GoForward Media and Firefighter Netcast for allowing me to join them again.

We also met some great companies and vendors whom we’ve spoke with since our return…. The “fancy” name ..or as Rhett calls it is  “networking”…LOL

We were able to work out a TON of details on some great projects we have planned for the near future.

Black Diamond was one of those companies. Of course, we have been around Black Diamond for some time now. After all, I am the 2011 Black Diamond Boot Fire Blog of the Year!

We have some new and really exciting news from Black Diamond coming up in the next day or so … TRUST ME … you wont want to miss it! Thanks again to owner Alan Lunder and Black Diamond for their continued support of the Fire Service and the Fire Blogging community.

We also found a winner with Zach Green and FoxFire or  MN8 Products

Rhett has already started a 3 part product review over on FireCritic   HERE

I too will be conducting a product review but as usual will be adding my little “twist”.

Something else you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss!

Thanks again to Zach and his “Illuminating Goddess” Aryie for showing us their product and allowing us to help bring this amazing technology to the Fire Service.

I also got to meet some old friends.

You may remember the name Kevin Shea.

He became a common firehouse name back in 1991 after making a daring rope rescue from a burning building 12 stories above Times Square.


Captain Todd Stone and I were lucky enough to bump into Kevin on the street of NYC back in 1992 0r 93 following the St. Patty’s Day Parade. I have some cool pics from that day but had better hold on to them 😉   

Kevin is now retired to somewhere majestic out west and living the life of hunting. Good luck, best wishes and happy hunting Brother!

I also ran into Captain Dugan of the FDNY

Captain Dugan and I met a few years back when he was a presenter at one of our annual Officer Seminars here in ” The Noke ”

Captain Dugan presented the keynote address at FDIC this year … a HUGE honor!

He is an educated and motivational speaker who is passionate about our history, our future and the job in general.

He gave an inspirational address but, much like the Fire Critic; I’m wondering if it was the  RIGHT MESSAGE … WRONG TARGET

 Maybe a title and address to the ones NOT in attendance would have been more apropriate … “Why weren’t you here”.

Ok, there is a lot more I could hit but will wait to spread it out over a few future posts. The good news is that we (Rhett and I) are home and absorbing everything we were able to do and take in.

As mentioned, stay tuned to Ironfiremen.com as well as to the FireCritic.com for some very exciting upcoming news ….

Don’t forget to “like”  “share” and  “tweet” our posts in order to get the message to as many as possible. Thanks as always for reading and following… I’ll check back in sometime tomorrow.

Until then, stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines