Great start to the Black Diamond X2 Boot give away!

WOW! What a great start to our “Give Away” …..

I’m very excited and proud to be able to team up with Black Diamond Footwear and give back to our readers, fans and followers!

After all, it’s all of you folks who made and have kept this site going!   THANK YOU.

If you haven’t heard of the X2 boot yet, maybe we can get you on one of those  Geico comercials … “what … have ya been living under a rock or something?” LMAO ..

Naaa .. if you really haven’t visit the  Black Diamond Footwear  site for full details.

If you haven’t heard of the “give away” yet, we will get you a co-star role in the above mentioned comercial …LOL

Click HERE for DETAILS and how to enter to win a free pair of Black Diamond X2 Boots 

Like I mentioned above, we’ve had a GREAT start. You folks have pulled through again!

We had 25 entries in the first 24 hours of the contest. That’s AWESOME!

Our very first entry came in from Missouri just 5 minutes after we announced the give away!

Here’s the pic sent in by Steven Piper … THANKS and good luck Brother!


I figured we’d have entries from all across the Country … man was I shocked!

I have received e-mails from as far away as Spain but so far, the farthest picture that I have received has come from Alaska!

Yea… Alaska. Reckon they’ve ever seen or met anyone like me? LMAO (lets hope not)

Here’s Steven Schreck’s entry photo…..

I’m not sure which member shown here is Brother Schreck but I’d love to hear and learn more about his Department and working in Alaska. Good luck in the give away and thanks for the entry Steven.

I’ve gotten several pics of a Brother with a son or daughter on the rig!

You guys know I’m a “softy” for those due to the Buckaroo. I received one shot accompanied with a GREAT story from Brother Kit DiStefano. Apparently, Kit has a GREAT Captain and obviously has a beautiful son.

I also received a shot from one of Ironfiremen’s regular readers Sonny O’Connor. Here’s a shot of Sonny and his son..

Thanks for the loyality Brother .. good luck to you as well.

I’ve even gotten a few shots from Brothers and Sisters who have gotten wedding photos taken on their rig.

How cool is that!

Johnathan Jenkins sent one of him, his new bride and who I’ll assume are “in laws”.

I also got this one from Jessica Etzl of a BEAUTIFUL “blushing” Bride in her wedding gown!


Now DON’T Panic. The pics shown in this post WILL NOT receive special attention or have an “edge” in the drawing. The drawing will be RANDOM and video taped. These shots just made for a good story / post tonight.

I plan to create an album to post on Face Book (and a link from this site) so you can view all the entries

My point here was that we are getting a good variety of photos … everyone is getting in on the fun!

Hell, even the Buckaroo tried to enter….

LOL .. he already has a pair of X2’s so I’ll declair him ineligible but I should add here that the possibility of personal friends and co-workers entering is very real.

I WILL allow both in the give away due to the efforts we are taking to verify our results .. (the last thing I need is more stress or controversy in my If you have reservations or concerns about my allowing friends and co-workers be eligible, free free to contact me via e-mail (use the contact tab at the top of the page) and I will share a cell number for a personal conversation.

So again, THANKS for all the support etc  of this site, Black Diamond Footwear and the give away. You folks have already made it a success!

Please take the time to vist and THANK Black Diamond Footwear for allowing us this oppurtunity. These boots cost over $300!

You can find their  Web Site   HERE   or visit them on Face Book  HERE

 Also take the time to become a “FAN” of Wooden Ladders and Ironfiremen (

You folks stay safe and in house.. I’ll check back in tomorrow.

Captain Wines