Charity Football


You had better be …. The Roanoke Rampage  will take the field for our 2nd home game of the 2011 season Tomorrow April 2, 2011 @ 3pm.

The Rampage will face  The South Carolina Commanders  at Salem Memorial Stadium in Salem, Va.

Most of you know by know that we play in The National Public Safety Football League. We are a non-profit league who plays 100% for charity.

Local Police, Firefighters and Paramedics playing full contact football! Yea … BING … BANG …. BOOM!

We will take the bumps and bruises but we also need your help.  COME TO THE GAME ! We need the stands full tomorrow. South Carolina beat us last season in a close game so this year’s event should be a good one.

It doesn’t look I’m gonna get to make this one … I can’t get the day off and haven’t found anyone to work for me. The good news is that they  dont need me anyway and I’ll be there in spirit.

Good luck and hopes for a safe game guys!

I’ll catch ya a bit later… until then, stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines