Honored and humbled!

Once again, connections made through this site have left me honored and humbled.

I received a message on Face Book last week. Casey Potter wrote me an AWESOME note. She told of how her husband Chris Potter is a HUGE fan of Ironfiremen.com  He follows daily, tells all his friends, family and fellow firefighters. She said it was his birthday and wanted to know if I could make it down to Lexington, Va for a celebration on Saturday. She told me how much it would mean to him and what a surprise it would be if I could actually attend.

I was sad to inform her that I’m actually heading out to Orange County California (Long Beach)  in the morning and would not be able to make the date.  And it hit me … what an HONOR! Someone thought enough of me from nothing more than my name, reputation and / or this site to invite me to their birthday party. She described Chris as “my biggest fan” …. what the hell???? I have “FANS”??? I gotta meet this guy … one of my two followers. Anyway, I was honestly honored and humbled.

I wrote her back and told her that because I couldn’t make it on the date requested that I would love to take a ride down before I left for Cali to buy Chris a beer or two.  We meet last night in Lexington. That’s the “birthday boy” Chris Potter on the right, Jimmy Swink, Kimberly Swink, Kasey Potter, Josh Mays and Paul Fox.


Great food, a few beers and a very relaxing time. Back and forth questions about my department and theirs, a few stories here and there but just general good conversation. I felt like I was at home.

That’s kind of deceiving because I WAShome in a way…. I was born in Lexington, Va and lived there as a child (Stonewall Jackson Hospital .. my daughter Reba was born there as well). I was raised just a few miles outside of the City of Lexington in a small farm town called Fairfield.

My dad started his fire service as a volunteer in Lexington before moving to a career with the Roanoke Fire Department. I have his helmet from Lexington on my shelf today.

In the picture above, to the far right is actually my cousin Jarred. Well, his mother is my cousin so I guess that makes him my what…2nd cousin?? Anyway, we’re kin, he’s a great kid  and is gonna make an outstanding fireman.

The group took me by the station after dinner for a personal tour. WOW what a station. I don’t  have time tonight to go into all of the detail because I need to get packed and in bed. Here a several shots from last night and the Lexington Volunteer Fire Department .. I’ll explain and give more detail in a future post ….

Ok…sorry … I gotta get packed and in bed..Happy birthday toBrother Chris Potter of the Lexington, Va. Vol Fire Department. Thanks for the invite … it was truely and honor!

 I’ll follow up from California…. until then Stay Safe and in House!

Captain Wines