I’m lucky in that I have a big one ….

I have a “fire department” family, a “blogging” family and of course my “kin folk”.

I’ve mentioned several times lately how busy I’ve been since my return from California. This is the time of year when things get busy on the farm.

My step dad lives in North Carolina and sensed my frustration over not being able to “catch up”.

Like only family will, Jerry took a week off from his work and headed up to Catawba. Nail apron and a truck load of tools and lumber with him. We’ve been building a barn.

Actually, we’ve been “rebuilding” a barn.

A few month back, the Catawba winds decided I didn’t need my small hay barn.

My dad (Pop), brother and I built the barn a few years back and even used hurricane straps on the rafters … they didn’t help.

The build has been slow going … it rained EVERYDAY this week. We’ve been knee deep in mud and soaked to the bone. The good news is that I’ve had plenty of … and good help.

Yep … even The Buckaroo sacrificed some of his “4-wheeler” time to swing a hammer.

Like the title says … FAMILY !

I’m thankful that mine is so large and wide reaching.

Even you folks …. my “blogging” family. All I have to do is ask for help and I’m surrounded with support. Shoulders to lean on … open ears … whatever is needed.  It’s comforting to know that “support system” is there.

Thanks to my step dad, Jerry Creasy; for giving up a week to help me out. I think maybe we should have been building a boat rather than a barn … but despite the weather, he was a HUGE help and took a lot of work and worry off my mind.

Thanks as well to you folks for standing beside me.  For following the site, the comments and support in general … it has not gone unrecognized.

I gotta get out here and pound a few nails before the rain sets back in today … I’ll try to check back in tonight. I’m back on duty tomorrow … Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Until I get back .. stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines