news from the "noke"

I almost forgot that I have a ton of “local” stuff that I need to get out and since it’s after 6pm and I’m still here, I had better get to it.

To begin with, tomorrow is a big day for our Local’s Women’s Auxiliary.

They are hosting what is being called an  “Open House Extravaganza” . They are having a ton of product reps all get together at our Union Hall to offer the ladies a place for “one stop shopping” . I’m not sure what all the product will be … I recognize some of the names on their flier but I do know  the women are excited to have all of these folks represented in one place.

The event is from 2-6pm and the proceedes will benifit 3 local charities … The Roanoke RampageRelay for Life , and  MDA  . If you get the chance   MAKE THE TIME to head out and support our ladies as they continue their work supporting us!

Also find the Roanoke Firefighter’s Auxiliary on Face Book

Next, there are a few local web sites / blogs that I want to draw your attention to.

I often talk about our Brothers over in Salem .. Salem Fire / EMS .

The guys from Station #2 .. aka 2 House   have been writing a Blog for some time now. I have a link to them over in my right side bar but really  don’t  mention them enough.

Today, Brother Mike Elliston posted his view of the final day of HazMat training out on the farm. It’s a more comical view than mine and worth the look. If ya scroll down, you’ll also find some good articles and pics from the recent  “Rescue Challenge”   here in Va. This was the 17th year of this event. Departments from all across the state get together to tackle Heavy and Tactical Rescue scenarios. They face 2 scenarios per day for 4 days. Just take a look … these are no easy rescues. See a related article  HERE .

So, take the time to check out our brothers from Salem ….   2 House

 We  also have another “local” blog that has popped back on the radar screen. It appears that the guys from Station #5 have decided to pick the pen back up … errrrr .. well to get back in front of the keyboard again anyway.

Now, so far they have only gotten a single post up but I’ll bet we’ll see more from these guys. Check out their new site HERE  .

Ok … I think that covers all the local news I need to hit. Oh yea… early congratulations to Rhett’s son “Big P”.

He has a really big day coming up tomorrow and I’m proud.

Proud and HAPPY!  I know that Rhett and his family are very excited and proud as well. This is a huge accomplishment for a young man.

I’ll let Rhett decide if he wants the world to know ….

That’s “Big P” in my helmet and boots from years ago when they stopped by #14 for a visit … man has he grown!

Ok, that’s it for tonight. I’m off on a 13 day vacation if we make it til shift break. I’m not going far … to the barn and hay field. I’ll check back in and keep ya posted as often as possible.

Until then, stay Safe and in House!

Captain Wines