Out of focus

Obviously, I am not the ace photographer that my good friend and West Coast Brother Joe Schmoe is. I don’t have all the fancy cameras, lens etc nor have I attended any photography classes.

That’s all well and good because I’m not talking about  my photography being out of focus … it’s my life … my view point .. my focus.

Yes, I know I haven’t posted in almost 2 weeks now and I appreciate all the emails etc asking where I am and if everything is ok.

You see, I’ve been out of focus …errrrr … well …. focused on something else anyway.

This vacation from the firehouse was planned. I take one around this time every year … it’s the beginning of hay season.  Its about this time that I forget all about life and work in the big city and begin to concentrate on making the farm productive. The out of focus pic above was a fully involved car fire in the wee hours of the morning before I worked off and began my 13 day break.

Boots did a great job of knocking this one down.

I know it was just a car fire but I also have to say that this one was the most involved vehicle that I’ve seen …

The car was actually melting.

Of course it had no plates and the VIN number had been removed but for the life of me I can’t figure out why they left the wheels on it.

The good thing now is that I haven’t had to fool with this kind of foolishness for the last few weeks. My attention has been re-directed … re-focused.

We’ve had some good weather on the farm for a change and have made a huge dent on the needed work … we are filling the barns as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Round and square bales of good quality,  hay and straw.

The hours are long and the work hard but I enjoy it.

It’s kind of like why  I enjoy working on the job … you can see the fruits of your labor. On the farm, we plant seeds, watch them grow, harvest their fruit, feed it to our cattle and watch them grow.  You see results. The fire department is the same way. No matter if it’s and EMS run or a house fire … when you do your job and do it well, you make a difference that can be seen.

And, just like “on the job”, I also have a good crew behind me on the farm.

The crew always “makes” the Captain. Just look at my #1 farm hand … he brings his own tractor to work (forward center) and then jumps in the larger air conditioned piece (center rear … see him?).

LOL … the little fella can’t wait to start work.

It’s actually a win / win for me. I get good help plus a full night’s sleep. We are both so tired at the end of the day that we are only in the house for a few minutes before we are both sound asleep and snoring.


Well, SOMETIMES we make it to the house before he falls asleep … other times, he just passes out in the tractor ..

It’s not just the Buckaroo either. On the farm, it takes the whole family. My gals … wife Donna, daughters Randi-Jo and Reba have worked their fingers to the bone as well. Even my dad has made it out several days.

Throwing square bales … loading, unloading .. stacking. Mowing grass, tilling gardens, watering live stock and plants, fuel runs, tedding, raking .. you name it, they can and have done it!

The good news is that I’m and easy boss … yea.. just ask Boots or Georgie..(Boots even made it out a day last week to help with 600 bales of straw… you should have seen him in his “farmer brown” hat..LOL)

No kidding.. I’m a sucker when it comes to good help. I even give em bath breaks .. well creek breaks anyway..

The creek through the farm is heaven on earth when it’s 90 plus degrees outside.

The girls enjoy it but the Buckaroo LOVES it …

A little “rock chunker” is what I have …  For those of you in “Buckaroo withdraws”, here’s a short video from today’s cool down session…

So, there ya have it. The reason I haven’t posted in a while. The good and bad news is that it will soon be over. I’m back to work on Saturday and hopefully back on a regular posting schedule.

I have a ton of stuff to tell ya about and bring you up to speed on but I’ll do that in the next day or so. Thanks again for checking on me and for hanging in there with my lack of postings. I’ll throw in several more pics from the last week or so … enjoy

I’ll see ya soon … until then, stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines