End of the cycle …

Today is Sunday and the last day of our cycle …. we start 4 day break tomorrow!

For us, it’s been a  relatively quiet cycle. Our Brothers out in the County haven’t been so lucky.

A local man was killed this weekend after going back into his burning home to retrieve some clothing. The fire happened in the Cave Spring area of the County on Friday. Members were able to locate and rescue the unconscious man but he later died at the hospital. Cave Spring has a strong volunteer membership but is also staffed with paid members 24hrs / day. I’m not sure of the total response but know that both volunteer and career members from Cave Spring, Back Creek and Vinton were on scene.

Local coverage of the fatal fire can be found  HERE  and  HERE   also visit the Cave Spring Volunteer Fire Department web site  HERE.

Va Fire News is also reporting the death of a Va. State Trooper in King George County.

Trooper Adam Bowen, 28 years old of Warsaw, Va was killed in a 2 vehicle accident while responding to assist another State Police agent.

The accident occurred this past Friday on Rt. 3 / King’s Highway.

Two occupants of the 2nd vehicle were injured and transported to the hospital.

Trooper  Bowen is survived by a fiance’ and his parents.

Visit Va Fire News.com  for the complete story and more photos.

I am unaware of any arrangements or details for the service at this time. I’m sure they can be found on Va Fire News when available (I’ll also try to post them here). My thought and prayers go out to our Brothers in Blue as well as to the friends and family of Trooper Bowen.

We’ve had way too many Line of Duty Funerals in Va. lately (or anywhere for that matter).  The Va Fallen Firefighter Memorial was just held in Richmond. We buried Brother Dave Palmer just a week or so ago and now we’ve lost a State Trooper In The Line of Duty. I can’t help but think of the honor and respect we owe these Brothers and Sisters who give / gave their live in the service of others. Rhett has a post up over on the Fire Critic that’s well worth the read … Go to the Funeral…You owe it to them .

Dave Statter has the opposite view from some a**hole in Canada over at Statter 911. The direct link to Chris Brennan’s article in The Expositor can be found  HERE . Take the time to hit the link … you wont believe what this jerk has to say.

So, like I said in the opening; today is our last day of the cycle and for a change, things haven’t been so hectic.

I’ve spent some time in front of the TV. This weekend is a Lonesome Dove weekend on AMC.

Those of you who know me know that I’m a HUGE Robert Duval and Lonesome Dove fan. I can quote most of the movie and watch it (or episodes of it anyway) at least once a week.

It’s kind of a neat coincidence that Lonesome Dove is on this weekend because I was planning to talk about the mini-series and Robert Duval in one of my post this week.

My daughter is a librian here in the city and she brought me a movie that I hadn’t even heard of yet.

The movie’s title is “Get Low” and is WELL WORTH THE WATCH!

It stars Robert Duval, Bill Murray, Sissy Spacek, Lucas Black and Bill Cobbs. It fictionalizes a true story from the 1930’s in Tennessee.

Duval’s character, Felix Bush; carries 40 years of guilt.  He lives as a hermit, alone and secluded with his guilt until he sences his death is near. He fears he’s too weak to tell his story and can’t find anyone to tell it for him.

The movie is full of irony and ironic twists as Felix Bush prepares to “Get Low”.

This is not a movie review site nor am I an avid movie goer but Trust me … you’ll enjoy this movie!

Here’s the trailer for ya …..


Another great thing about this movie is the sound track.

It features Alison Krauss and her song Lay My Burden Down. Ahhhh Alison Krauss! The voice of an angel. Here’s a video of her performing Lay My Burden Down …..



And just because I like her so much and this is MY site …. I’ll thorw in another Alison video … Paper Airplanes ..enjoy!

Ok, that’s all for tonight … I’ll check in over 4 day. Until then, Stay Safe and in House!

Captain Wines