Product Review Channel Lock #87 Rescue Tool

Channel Lock has come out with a new Rescue Tool designed specifically for firefighters.

What’s even better is that this tool was designed with imput from firefighters. This tool improves upon and replaces the previous #89 Rescue Tool.

The #87 Rescue Tool is actually their 3rd addition of such tools and is Channel Lock’s answer for a smaller, pocket sized tool capable of performing the same jobs as its predecessor.

At 8.8 inches long and just over 1 lb. (1.1lbs) I think Channel Lock is on the right track.

I love getting the most out of anything … more “bang for the buck” if you will and the #87 Rescue Tool offers 5 functions in one.

The tool boasts a hardened cutting edge which easily cuts through soft metals and standard battery cables.

The jaws were designed narrow for those tight spaces while maintaining an adequate “bite”.

One handle has a tapered pry wedge

Above the wedge is a gas shut off slot

The other handle is a spanner wrench

Channel Lock’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ryan DeArment; says …

“The #87 is easier to carry, enabling firefighters to have all the essential functions they need in one tool, which can be kept right at their fingertips while on the job.”

As mentioned, at 8.8 inches and 1.1 lbs, the #87 does fit easily into my bunker pants and  is 2 inches shorter and 30% lighter than the previous #89 edition.

While the #89 is well suited for the tool box of an Engine or Ladder company, the #87 meets the needs for a pocket tool. The mouth opens wide for a good “bite” on soft metals or battery cables.

She opens up to about 12 inches offering ample leverage for prying, use of the spanner or utility (gas valve shut off) control.

The tool has  somewhat rounded edges that are not abrasive to an ungloved hand. The form and shape fits easily in your hand and  does not slip.

We have used the #89 tool (the previous edition) here at Lucky #13 for some time now with positive feedback and results. The #87 Rescue Tool has been a welcomed edition and without a doubt is easier to carry with you. For those of you familiar with the previous edition (the #89), I should note that the #87 does NOT have the hardened punch on the end of the spanner. I like that function on the #89 but also understand how the punch would not work well inside a pocket.

Another GREAT feature of the #87 Rescue Tool is in it’s pricing. Starting June, 2011 Channel Lock is offering a “Buy one, Donate one” program.

This program enables anyone who purchases a #87 Rescue Tool to “donate” another to the firefighter of their choice … two tools for the price of one! This program is ONLY available at Channel

For those of you who have been looking for a multi-purpose, light weight durable tool to carry, give the Channel Lock #87 Rescue Tool a shot and tell em sent ya.

Stay Safe and in House!

Captain Wines