Captain Wines and the Fire Critic … here comes trouble!

The brothers of B-shift here at “Lucky #13” must have had one heck of a shift.

I got to work at 06:20 am and found one of the brothers passed out on the couch …. note the drool stain on his shirt..LOL

I figured finding the crew worn out and in this shape was a good sign …

Maybe they ran all the calls last night.

Maybe if they ran em all, I will have a quiet and peaceful tour ….

Friday, Sunday, Tuesday on the 4th of July weekend .. how bad can it be?

Ha … I should have known!

My lucks NOT that good.

Rhett is trading some time with Bugg,  a Lt. at station #5 ; today and got detailed out here. My Lieutenant (Georgie) and Firefighter (Boots) are both off today so I actually needed 2 bodies. One came from #5 and the other from the South side.

Last week, they detailed  Dennis Croft  out here with me and now they send Rhett …. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?!?  LOL

It’s like I’m playing cards with my brother’s kids or something!

I jumped on him right off the bat. You gotta get ahead of a fretter first thing or they’ll eat ya alive. I mean just look at that grin … GUILTY!

I may have jumped a little too hard … he’s been trying to kiss up all day. Let me get that for ya Capt. Let me do that for Capt. You need something to drink Capt. …. it’s sickening … I threw up in my mouth twice.

The poor little fella went as far to bake me a cake. Today is my 20th anniversary of being on the job.

I had to blur out the icing job to keep PETA off my back. I think he was trying to draw a rabbit but only put one ear on it. I didn’t want to smear the good name of this site with a picture of what appeared to be a wounded one ear rabbit.

Here’s a better shot ….. oops … I’d better blur that one out too.

Funny thing is ….. it really didn’t look like a rabbit at all. Hummmmm?

Well, at least the little fella was thinking about me. I really shouldn’t have been so hard on him this morning.

He deserves more than that. After all, we’re more than good friends … we’re tight. Hell, he’s just like having another Buckaroo around …. only a few inches taller and a few pounds heavier. Wait … the Buckaroo may be taller than him now but you get the point ….LOL

Speaking of Rhett, we’re gearing up to get back on the road! Those of you who follow our sites know that we’ve done a lot of traveling over the past year or so. Our latest adventure was traveling up to the Jersey Shore to present his “Social Media” class. See related posts  HERE  and  HERE .

Our next big adventure is just around the corner …

We’re headed to Baltimore for the Firehouse Expo July 19-23!

This is going to be a GREAT trip.  We’re going up with Firefighter Netcast  and will be located in booth 743 with Fire Geezer  and Statter 911 .  Geezer even has details on how to get a FREE PASS to the exhibit hall … click HERE to learn how. If you get the chance, stop by for a visit!

Captain Willie Wines ( and Chief Billy Goldfeder at the NFFF Memorial weekend 2010

I have posted in the past about some big announcements concerning the trip.

We were planning to shave my mustache.

Yea … as in off. We were going to do it as a charity event at Expo and donate the proceeds to the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation to help support a family over their Memorial weekend.

Sadly, the deal has fallen through …. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I mean my mustache means a lot to me but the families of our fallen Brothers and Sisters have lost a whole lot more than facial hair.

If loosing the stache could have helped support those families I would have shaved it with a pickhead axe!

Don’t worry …. we’ve found another way to help support the NFFF and the families of our fallen.

Rhett (aka The Fire Critic) and I will be participating in the  9/11 Memorial Stair Climb  at Firehouse Expo! Captain Kevin Totten (Salem Fire / EMS) will also be joining us on the trip / climb this year.

That’s right … 110 flights of stairs in full turnout  gear!

Time didn’t allow our brothers of the FDNY to complete their climb so, (in their honor) we’ll do it for them! That while benefiting the NFFF and families of our fallen.

WE NEED YOUR HELP !   So far, there is only like 100 or so members signed up for the climb. The planners were looking and hoping for 343 participants.


I may need a little extra help ….

I think I’m gonna have to carry Rhett.

He’s already complaining about a sore elbow. He says his tummy feels “funny”, he may be getting a cold and his feet itch.

 He’s also worried about the 2 hrs time limit and his “poop” schedule.

He’s mentioned something about maybe needing to help Statter carry his cameras etc. blah  blah  blah … excuses excuses … I guess Totten and I will have to carry the little guy.

Anyway, the three of us will be there and climbing! Afterwards, all bets are off. I don’t know which bar we’ll end up in but make sure to check in with us (here,, FaceBook or Twitter) and join us for a beer …. or 20!  LOL

See Rhett’s post on the climb HERE

I’ll post more on the climb and who I’m climbing in memory of in future post. Until then, make your plans to attend the Expo, stop by booth #743 and participate in the climb!

Ok, I’m gonna stop here for now. I’ve got to fix Rhett’s milk, lay out his “go home” cloths for in the morning and get him tucked in. I’ll check back soon. We’re back Sunday and Tuesday.

Stay Safe and in House!

Captain Wines