Back to the grind stone …

We’re back on duty after another work filled 4 day break. Usually, I don’t work the guys on Sundays or holidays but today had to be a little different…. we got our new “rookie” this morning. I’ll get to that in a minute.

To begin with, it appears that our brothers on B-shift had another butt – kicking tour. You may remember a few posts back when I posted a pic of Duncan passed out on the couch at 06:20 am…. drool on his shirt and everything. See that pic and post HERE . LOL … he was dead tired. What’s better than a pic ??  VIDEO ! Oh yea … I got video that morning as well …

LOL … I know ..I know. He needs help!

Good news / bad news …

The good news …well, apparently; he got some … one of those fancy breathing machines and it helped  his snoring..

The bad news is that he has to wear the thing and still passes out on the couch.

Yep … 06:30 this morning I found him again. Attached to his new sleeping toy. I tried to fret him  help him a little bit and accidentally hit the wrong button. I cut it off. LMAO .. I felt like Dr. Kevorkian! It was like I pulled the plug on him or something. Instead of killing him, it woke him up but it did make for a great early morning laugh.

Photo from

So, like I said; I’ve had a pretty busy 4 day break. On top of all the farm work etc, the Buckaroo and I made it out to a few social gatherings … on yea … we got our party on!

Friday evening, we made it out to our Union Hall to congratulate the recent graduates from our Regional Training Academy.

See that post HERE. You can also find some more great pics over on Mike Overacker’s site Roanoke Firefighters.

We had a great time at the party. Our ladies Auxiliary once again was a huge help with the event. They even rented one of those blow up slide, bouncy play things for the kids.  The Buckaroo was in AWE!

Saturday evening, we paused our hay making to attend Rhett’s 2nd annual Luau!

Read the post and pics from last year’s Luau HERE !

Once again, despite Rhett’s gay shirt and girly drink; we had a BLAST! Rhett and Becky are GREAT hosts and did it up FIRST CLASS!

He even had 2 of those blow up, bouncy, slide, play things on site! For the 2nd day in a row, the Buckaroo was in AWE!

Rhett must have cooked 40 lbs of Boston Butt. The food was FANTASTIC!

Good music, great food and friends … another successful event!

Click here for the earlier post on the 2nd annual Luau

So, The Buckaroo and I called it a night and I headed in for duty this morning.  You seen what I was met with when I got here … the good news is that things took a turn for the better.

You folks know that we have been running with only 3 assigned here at Lucky #13 – C  for some time now. Today, that changed. One of the rookies from Recruit Class #14 was assigned here.

I posted HERE  last week on how I really didn’t understand why they would assign a rookie here but I’m glad they did.

Meet Randolph “Randy” Armbrister.

You’re gonna see a lot of Randy on here in the future. He’s a farm boy from a little place called Max Meadows, Va.

We spent today trying to get him settled in and going over a few of the basic “need to knows”. A little hydrant work, stretching a line etc. We’re gonna be busy for a while and I’m sure there will be plenty of photo ops. I also have to figure out a nick name for him…. that will be fun.

Anyway I have to go get him into his dress blues before the pre-bed (9pm) inspection. Of course there is NO SUCH THING as a 9pm inspection but it will be fun watching him dress up and get ready for it. I’ll fill ya in on how it went next day … we’re back Tuesday and Thursday.

Until then, stay safe and in house!

Captain Wines