Working Fire

Photo by Scott Boone

It’s been exactly one month since Randy was assigned to “Lucky #13” and today, he caught his first fire.

It was what we call a “bread and butter” fire but it was enough for his first one ( this was also Station #3-C Rookie Jake Perry’s first fire ).

Randy (and Jake) did well. Good work from both of em !

The call came in at 10:41 while we were out of the station, in territory and available by the radio … we call it  “on air and available”.

The fire was actually our 2nd due but the company that would have been 1st was out of service for training.

Medic 2 arrived first with smoke showing. Ladder 2 took the address seconds later with us being the 1st arriving Engine.

When the 1st due is out and not responding, it sometimes adds a little confusion to the incident. You’re running with companies that you normally don’t or the next due is coming from a direction different from what you’re use to.  Of course that scenario is quickly  becoming  more normal these days. Something else uncommon for us today was the fact that we were running with 4! That’s how it should be ! Georgie driving, me in the seat and Boots and Randy riding backwards. A 4 man crew is safer and more efficient.

Photo by Lt. Travis Simmons

We arrived with smoke showing from a 2nd floor window, Alpha side at the Alpha / Delta corner. Occupants met me in the yard stating that the fire was in the up stairs bed room and that everyone was out of the house and accounted for.

I made the door and proceeded up the steps to locate the seat of the fire while Randy and Boots made the stretch. I quickly found the fire, closed the bedroom door and moved back to the top of the stairs to wait for em. They were right on my heels.

We stretched in dry and got into position at the door way just as George sent us water. Randy made a good, quick knock down and we advanced in.

Captain Martin and his crew took a 2nd line and made the attic steps. The fire had extended into the attic but they were right on top of it. 1st Lt. Stump and the crew from Ladder 2 made quick work of the searches which were all found to be “all clear”. Captain Croft laid us a hydrant line from Engine 2 and Chief Adkins had command. Engine 4 was RIC, RS-1 served as “Safety” . Medic unit 2 and 4 as well as our support truck (Donnie Foutz) were also on scene.

The fire was knocked down and under control in 5 minutes … GOOD WORK folks!

Being with a firefighter on their 1st fire is an honor. As long as Randy is alive, so will be my memory because you never forget your first one.

It’s kinda cool and I hope he lives to be 100!

Even though this was not MY first fire, today; I kept the memory of 2 great Firemen alive.

Since returning home from the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Firehouse Expo in Baltimore, Md. I have continued to carry the pictures of Joey Angelini and his son Joey Jr. in my turnout coat. See previous posts on the climb and why I carried these pictures  HERE  and HERE .

So, past the fire; it was another busy day here at Lucky #13.

Randy has been “jacked up on Mt. Dew”  all day! He was mowing grass at 08:15 this morning .

The fire had us late for lunch so we went out. Dinner .. well, dinner was on the Chief but Randy cooked … kinda anyway.

Our Chief (Battalion 2-C  … Teddy Adkins) bought the entire Battalion steaks … BIG ones .. good too!

Well, obviously; we weren’t gonna put the Rookie in charge of the steaks but we did let him bake the potatoes and make a salad. That’s him frying up a little bacon to top it off.

We did allow Randy to check the steaks once or twice but Boots took charge and prepared them to perfection!

SPECIAL THANKS to Chief Adkins (Theodore Wendale) for dinner … a CLASS ACT !

We start 4 day break tomorrow. George and I will be riding down to Lexington, Va early on Saturday for a Charity Poker Run. The ride will benefit firefighter and Lexington Police Sgt. Mark Riley and his family. Read a previous post on the event  HERE  .

Later in the day, I will be heading down to Charlotte, NC for my sister’s wedding! I’ll try to get a post or two in before we come back for the dreaded Monday, Wednesday, Friday tour. Until I get back, Stay Safe and in House!

Captain Wines