We all know that with  3 Line Of Duty Deaths,  this past week has been difficult to say the least ( Funeral arrangements HERE ).

That said, not all of the news from last week  was “negative” in nature.

Thursday, was a near record day for the Fire / EMS Blog Network . Obviously, is part of the Fire/EMS Blog Network and I recently received an e-mail from the “Boss” Dave Iannone . Here are a couple excerpts …..”With the multiple national events yesterday, it would seem at first glance yesterday was one of the busiest days in the history of EPS web traffic wise amongst all sites

He went on to say … “ (led by Statter, Geezer and Iron Fireman), had XXXXX page views and XXXXX unique visitors –its second biggest day ever as a network

I mention this for a couple of reasons. First, because I am proud to be part of the Network and of the work we do. Believe it or not, running these sites takes a LOT of work. I am equally as proud of the fact that we did our  “job”  this past Thursday. Obviously, folks visit and read our sites. The reasons vary. Some sites are informative, training type sites while others are more focused on news events etc around the fire / EMS world ( Me??? I’m not real sure what category I fall into ).


Anyway, as difficult as it is for us to talk about events such as what transpired on Thursday, several of our sites reported the information in a factual and professional manner. People look to our sites to find out what’s happening. The Fire Geezer  (Bill Schumm)  was on the Worcester incident early. A Fire Geezer contributor Mike Ward (Fossil Medic) even posted a detailed time line of “Tweets” as they were posted (tweeted) by a Boston Firefighter from L29  ( see that post / timeline HERE ).

Statter911  ( Dave Statter ) followed close behind with his coverage which even included raw video and  audio (radio traffic) from the scene ( listen to / view that post HERE ).

I posted on the Va. Tech shooting ( HERE ) and followed up a bit later with the Mount Vernon, NY LODD  ( HERE ). There were several other posts, tweets and Face Book updates by multiple / various members throughout the day.

These were “TRUE” Line Of Duty Deaths (Back Step Firefighter Bill Carey will know what I mean). Firefighter Davies ( Worcester) killed  in a collapse while searching for a victim on the scene of a 3 story (triple decker) working apartment fire. Firefighter Townes (Mount Vernon) died of an apparent heart attack while dressing out on the scene of a working basement fire. Officer Crouse, murdered in his Police cruiser while performing his duties.

We here at the Fire / EMS Blog Network went to work……It’s the best way I know to honor the fallen. There was a part in the Movie Ladder 49 that really sums it up for me… I couldn’t find just the small clip so here’s about 10 minutes worth…. all you need to see is the first minute and 3 seconds.

Blogging is one thing but members all across this Country are honoring these men in the same way…. by getting back on the truck! Police Officers are on duty tonight on the Va. Tech Campus. Brothers of IAFF L-1009 are staffing the rigs in Worcester, Ma. and the Mount Vernon (NY) Fire department stands ready to take in the next call.

Just this morning, Dave Statter posted a video of our Brothers in Wilmington, Delaware rescuing 2 children from a house fire….


Solid work brothers! I just wanted to take the time to thank each and every one of you. Thanks for following this site … again, I don’t know why you do but obviously, you’re finding whatever it is you’re looking for and that really makes all my time and effort worth while. Secondly, THANKS for doing the job you do! For manning the rigs and pulling the tour. I can say that with complete understanding of the sacrifices you and your families make so again … THANKS!

Ok.. moving on. I’m CALLING ALL JAKES! I want you pictures. Pictures of Christmas around your station. Santa on the rig, Parade pics, Christmas lights on or around the station. Your Christmas tree, members in a Santa’s hat etc. ANYTHING “Christmas” around the firehouse. I will make an album and post them on Face Book as well as here on

I think it’s a GREAT way of showing PRIDE in your company, equipment and Department and I can’t wait to help some of you folks show off that PRIDE.

Our West Coast Brothers already have a jump on us. Now retired Captain Joe Schmoe ( Report on Conditions) has already posted pics of ol Santa riding on Riverside California’s Engine #14.


That Damn Schmoe! He’s ALWAYS got the pic. A little ball breaker this Schmoe is too.

We spoke on the phone last night (night here .. afternoon there) and he was able to “rub in” that he had just finished setting up camp. By the lake in 80 some degree weather. He also happened to mention that he had just “popped a top” on an ice cold adult beverage.

Grrrrrrrrrrr !  Lucky son of a gun!  LOL  See his post on that conversation HERE


At least Captain Schmoe is doing what he’s supposed to ( and what I told him to do) … ENJOYING RETIREMENT! Have fun and relax Brother … miss ya and will be seeing you soon.

Our Brothers here in “The Noke” have also started to show the Christmas Spirit.

Station #5 has lights and a tree up!

This picture is the pole which is mounted against the wall of the day room (looking from the kitchen). The pole obviously goes nowhere but came out of either “old” Station #5 or Station #9 ….. both of which were shut down to open this new combined station.

I’m pretty sure that the pole is out of Station #9 while the chalk board behind it is out of “old” #5. It’s our way of holding on to a little piece of our history. Pride … No matter which house the pole came from, if I had a dollar for every time I slid it, I could retire early ( I spent a lot of time in both houses).

I’m glad to see it in the new station and happy to see the Brothers and Sisters showing some pride and decorating the station. It was very nice!

They even had little fire helmet lights. I’ll throw in a shot of those and one of our Battalion Chief, Teddy Adkins sitting by their tree…

We were at Station #5 this evening for a very important assignment …. to EAT …LOL. Chief Adkins has made a “tradition” out of buying a meal for his Battalion around the Christmas Holiday ( Actually, Teddy does this for his Battalion twice a year).

Usually, he will buy steaks and deliver them to the stations. This year, he went all out.

The Chief bought a pig and, with the help of Firefighter Brady McDonald ( and the entire crew of #5-C ); cooked it right there at the station!

These guys came in early and started cooking at around 4:30 this morning!

We headed over around 4:30 this evening for a GREAT meal. Pork, slaw, beans and fries …. DELICIOUS !!!

Special THANKS to Chief Adkins for the thought. Thanks also to the Brothers and Sister of Station #5-C for putting in the time and effort to prepare it for us ( not just Lucky #13 … the whole North side Battalion) .

On a local note, our IAFF Local (L-1132) will be hosting another “Retiree’s Breakfast” on Tuesday morning ( December 13, 2011). Any and all members available to help should report to the Union Hall as early as possible. This is a great event where you have the chance to give back to the men and women who helped build our department and it’s rich history / tradition. It’s especially great for the newer / younger members because they get to mingle / meet a lot of our retirees (don’t worry rookies … the retirees will introduce themselves and ask who the hell you are..LOL).

Usually, I kind of head up the breakfast and spend the morning cooking with my dad, Rhett, Brent Berry and several others. Unfortunately, this time I will NOT be in attendance. Instead, Rhett and I will be in a meeting in NYC. I was asked not to disclose the details or purpose of our meeting at this time but assure you it’s worthy of missing the breakfast. Brother JJ Price will take over cooking duties … please make every effort to show up early and lend a hand … I guarantee  you wont regret it.

DON’T FORGET TO SEND IN THOSE PICS!!!! Thanks again for following. Keep our fallen and those on duty in your thoughts and prayers this Christmas Season and each day after. I’ll check back in from New York or while on the way (it’s Rhett’s turn to drive again .. say a little extra prayer for me..LOL). Until I do, Stay Safe and in House!

Captain Wines