Party time with Lucky #13 and Santa's Sexy Helpers 2

The good news is that nobody went to jail !  LOL … the members of Lucky #13 C-shift hit the town last night to celebrate the Holiday season.

We had a BLAST!

I treated the fellas to a good meal and several adult beverages at one of our local steak houses.

I mention that I “treated” to bring out a couple quick points…..

They EARNED that dinner and night out. That one and many  more in my opinion.  I ask a lot of my companies and these men give 100% every day. No bitching, no complaining.

They also take good care of me along the way. A Captain is only as strong as his crew and mine is TOP NOTCH.

I’m PROUD of my men and the job they do. A night out on the town is the least I can do to say thanks for all their hard work and efforts … For the record, my members are Lt George Perdue, Senior Firefighter Todd “Boots” Harris and Rookie Randy Armbrister …. THANKS again guys!

I have a lot more to say on this topic but will have to save it for another post. After I fed and checked cows / calves this morning, I packed a bag, grabbed my beautiful bride and headed out of town. Much like the boys of Lucky #13, Donna deserves much more than a night out but it’s a start.

So, here I am in the mountains of Tennessee with my computer out…  I couldn’t miss a day of Santa’s Sexy Helpers now could I ?? Christmas is just 8 days away and I’m sure the big guy needs all the help he can get. If this little “helper” can stuff stockings like she does …ummmm ..errrrrr… well …let’s just say that she looks like she knows how to “stuff” …. I hope she’s assigned to your stocking.

Speaking of “stuffed stockings”… there is still time to find that special item for the Firefighter in your life. View my Top 10 Stocking Stuffers  HERE or The Fire Critic’s   Top 10 Christmas Gifts HERE .

Stay Safe and in House ….

Captain Wines