An Early Christmas and Day #3 of Santa's Sexy Helpers!

Christmas arrived early for The Fire Critic and

Hopefully, you folks are already following  Rhett  and his Fire Critic Fan Page on Face Book. If not, hit the links, send a friend request and hit the “Like” button. If you scroll down his page, you’ll see that he just got a brand new Phenix Leather Helmet ! Talk about an early Christmas!!!

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We LOVE these helmets!  We had an opportunity to try one on while at FDIC earlier this year. It had a great fit, sat well and felt lighter than my New Yorker.

Needless to say, we left Indy without owning one but promised ourselves that we would get one soon.

That time has come. Rhett put his in service yesterday and she looks GREAT. Our Chiefs wear white helmets, Captains and 1st Lieutenants  red while Lieutenants and firefighters wear yellow.

The Brothers from Box Alarm Leather  made the custom front .

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He finished off the job with a  Fox Fire Illuminating Helmet Band  ( after seeing Chris Collier’s mom wearing one while conducting tanker operations… we KNEW we had to have one!  LOL)

The “style” and look of the Phenix is a little different from his now retired Sam Houston Helmet but I’m sure he’s gonna love it.

Want some even better news??? MINE IS ON ORDER !!!! Yea BABY … I’m getting one too!

OMG …. I’m so excited!

I’m a little harder on helmets than Rhett. His job as a Lieutenant is primarily as the driver / operator. Unfortunately, that means he’s in the street more often.

I put my latest helmet in service back in 2009 while assigned at Station #9. That’s a pic of her and the one I retired on the right.

The new one (from the picture ..back then) now looks a lot like the old one in that picture. She’s still got some life in her and has had one HELL of a tour.

Most notable, I’ve worn this helmet on all 4 of the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climbs that Rhett and I have participated in. Shes EARNED an early retirement!

Of course, now I have to find / decide on a front / shield. Actually, I think I want to have 2 shields made. One I can wear in the City while on duty and a 2nd custom to to wear when Rhett and I are out on the road. How AWESOME would that be??? A custom Ironfiremen leather shield!

This is where I need your help. Obviously, Box Alarm Leather does an awesome job. Do you folks know of any other good places to shop for custom fronts? Do you have a “custom” front or something off the shelf from someone like Paul Conway?

I’ll keep ya updated on the production process of the helmet and my hunt for the perfect front.

SPECIAL THANKS to our “secret Santa” for outfitting The Fire Critic and with Phenix Fire Helmets! Oh… and speaking of Santa …. here’s tonights installment of Santa’s Sexy Helpers 2011 … day 3 … 7 days until Christmas!

I’m back on duty tomorrow and will check back in as soon as possible. Until I get back, thanks for following, stay SAFE and in HOUSE!

Captain Wines