Expect WORK… fire or not (plus day 4 of Santa's Sexy Helpers)

Tonight’s post is going to have to be a “quickie”. I’m on duty and it’s getting late.

I did manage to get another short post up a little earlier tonight.  The subject matter of the post is Charlotte NC’s Engine Company #15 … The Shamrock Express. Not too long ago, their PIO sent a video reporter out to the station for a ride-a-long. The result was a 3 minute video that in my opinion didn’t due justice to the men and women of Station #15.

The latest coverage of The Shamrock Express covers the members making a daring rescue at a house fire last week. Brother Josh Johnston and the members of B-shift put in some SOLID WORK! Hopefully, their PIO will review these two videos side by side and realize the kind of exposure / coverage these Brothers (and the Fire Service as a whole) deserve. WELL DONE men.

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Today has NOT been a good day. I had a bull that needed to be hauled off and our local stock yard is only open on Mondays. I called Captain Phil “Triple D” Dillon of B-shift and told him that I may be “right at the bell” or maybe even a minute or two late getting in this morning. He didn’t have much planned and said it would be no problem … he would hold over if needed. THANKS CAPT.

The Buckaroo and I made it down to where we had this bull pinned up at about 6am. It was obviously still dark. The reason I needed to get rid of this bull was because he wasn’t very polite. I’m 134 lbs and, needless to say; was well out weighed. LOL … I always say that I’m “tougher than I look” and the end result was the bull going to the stock yard but it was NOT how I intended to begin my morning.

I made it to work before “the bell” and the morning became worse. Bill Carey from Back Step Firefighter and many other Brothers out there often use the phrase “Expect Fire” . They say this with a meaning for those of  us “one the job” to be prepared to “do our job”. Physically, mentally, psychologically … through training, information sharing  etc. I agree with them 100% but would rather they say “EXPECT WORK” .

It’s not always “fire” that we’re facing but we are “working” none the less. This morning was a good example of that. After I received a turn over from Captain Dillon, I headed back and jumped into the shower. Of course, as soon as I got good and lathered up; the tones hit. It was an EMS call. Dispatch advised of a language “barrier” and of a person “down”.

It was around 8am so no real “alarms” went off in my head. We were thinking someone fell or, at worst; possibly an early morning diabetic emergency. We were dispatched single engine with a Medic truck. We arrived at the residential address to find a subject not only “down” but pinned beneath a vehicle in the driveway!

My heart rate went from 60 to 180 …. I wasn’t expecting to “work” … I SHOULD HAVE BEEN! 

Every time that rig hits the street brothers … Fire or EMS … EXPECT TO WORK. December has historically not been a good month for firefighters … don’t get caught with you’r guard down.

By now, you’ve all heard of the 5 FDNY members who were injured in a morning fire in Brooklyn. Apparently, these Brothers were EXPECTING WORK because they had all of their PPE on and they had it on CORRECTLY.

It’s believed that the form seen inside the right window is one of the members from Rescue 2 before the ladder is re-positioned and the member bails out onto the aerial (on fire).

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( You have to “click” my pictures twice to get the full size. Click once, wait for the page, then click the image again)

Rhett, Zach Green and I just spent some quality time with the members of Rescue 2 … my thoughts and prayers are with these Brothers and their families.

I’m going to stop here tonight but well short of hitting everything I wanted to cover. I’ll try to get after it early tomorrow night so I can catch ya up on everything I have to share.

If I’m leaving you hungry for more, Rhett have a GREAT POST on Brotherhood over on The Fire Critic. We KNOW where we stand …

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I’ll leave ya with Day 4 of Santa’s Sexy Helpers … ENJOY !

Stay Safe and in House!

Captain Wines