Money well spent!

I have several examples for ya tonight … I’ll start with one from right here in “The Noke”.

If you want to know how a Fire Department Budget should be allocated, look no further. For once, we did something right …. they hired RANDY.

LOL ….yep…. hiring my little “Rookie Randy” was some of the best money my Department has spent in a long time. This kid can do it all!

Just today, he single handedly extinguished an urban / wild land interface inferno  and later played an active roll in a code save!

All kidding aside, we’ve had a good day. Days like today are why we come to work!

There wasn’t much to his “fire” earlier this morning. Leaves and rubbish burning  in the back yard. It was a fairly windy morning and the fire had spread to under the deck and against the home. It had also blocked the only exit for a handicap resident.

The occupants were in a panic, fearing they were trapped; but Randy had it knocked down within seconds and with less than 500 gallons of water. Our County Brothers will be ecstatic to read that we even got the “brush rake” off the rig. Randy quickly got to the “head”, extinguished and began “cutting a line”  …. LMAO … if we only had a ” PULASKI” tool.The picture above right is Randy assisting Lt. “Georgie” in topping off the tank.

Later, this evening; we received a call for someone “unresponsive”.

We arrived to find the subject not breathing and without a pulse ( “Code Blue” ). We are kinda like cowboys out here at Lucky #13 because we really don’t have any help close by. We were by ourselves for a few minutes.

Randy and George went right to work, attached the AED ( Automated External Defibrillator)  began CPR and started to ventilate.

The caller had witnessed the arrest so the quicker and more efficiently we went to work, the better chances the patient would have.

We administered a couple rounds of CPR and defibrilations prior to the Medic’s arrival. Once they got there, the incident continued to run smoothly.

The ambulance assigned was Medic 4 and tonight’s crew performed flawlessly. A few quick ALS (Advanced Life Support) procedures and the patient was loaded for transport.

The good news here ??? The pt had a pulse at this point. Our Medic units are staffed with 2 so it’s normal for us to provide a member from the Engine to assist on critical incidents. Randy rode in (to the hospital) with the Medics. The even better news to this incident is that when they got to the Emergency room, the patient still had a pulse and a good blood pressure.

I hesitate to call it a “Code Save” because until they walk out of the hospital, you just never know. I will say that it was one of the smoothest run “codes” that I’ve worked in a while and that I’m DAMN PROUD of the members on scene ( Lt. George Perdue, Firefighter/EMT Randy Armbrister, Firefighter/Medic Rebecca Smith, Firefighter/Medic Brian Brooks and EMS Supervisor Captain David Bocock Jr.)

Unfortunately, Randy has responded to several “Codes” since his assignment to Engine #13 but, this is the best best outcome he’s seen yet. It was a great experience for me to be able to stand back and observe his expressions and mannerisms as he realized the difference he’s made today. He’s a part of our “team” and today, he realized how important his role is and that it “COUNTS”.

GOOD JOB BOYS (and Becky ..LOL)

Ok, more money well spent …. FDNY, Rescue 2.

By now, you all know of the December 19th Brookly fire that seriously injured Firefighters Wiedmann and Gersbeck of FDNY’s elite Rescue Company 2. Both brothers remain in the hospital facing long recoveries.

The image in the picture to the right shows Brother Wiedmann as he made his way through the inferno towards his escape out the front window. Brother Gersbeck made it down the interior stairway  ( click on the picture, then again after it loads for a larger version ).

See Previous coverage with VIDEO and AUDIO from Fire Critic and STATTER 911 by clicking HERE and HERE

Several media outlets have spread the word of additional supplies of “Type O” blood needed for Brother Wiedmann.

We had some local members here in “The Noke” who were of the right “type”, willing  and wanting to donate. We hit a few obstacles. Lt Rob “Bugg” Reid gave me a call. Who knew it would be so difficult to donate blood to a specific person in a specific location?

ANYWAY, I made a few calls. I ended up contacting Rescue 2’s Captain Liam Flaherty.

I have met Captain Flaherty on several occasions. I have even had the honor and privilege of sharing a couple cups of coffee with the men of Rescue 2  over some great conversation at their kitchen table.

Captain Flaherty explained that due to an “overwhelming response”, the blood supply for Brother Wiedmann “Rob” was more than adequate at this time. He went on to explain that there were other needs and ways to support Brothers Wiedmann, Gersbeck and their families.

Those of us “on the job” know and understand that these members worked a “2nd  job” to make ends meet on a firefighter’s salary. For those of you who don’t know, most all of us are forced to paint, do carpentry work, mow grass or something to supplement our  income… IT”S A SHAME but a FACT NONE THE LESS!

These Brothers are now unable to work that “2nd job” and provide that additional income for their families.

Their families (wives and children) are now facing commutes to and from the hospital as well as time away from their jobs as they sit with and comfort these brave men.

Firefighter James Gersbeck had burns to his face , arm and back. At this time he is still recovering at Cornell and faces some extensive rehab. Jim has 3 children that depend on him.  Firefighter Robert Weidmann has 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 54% of his body . He faces numerous skin grafts and operations“.  Firefighter Wiedmann’s wife  Cathy , son Ryan and daughter Erin have been making the trip from Long Island into Manhattan to be at his side.

The strain has to be near unbearable … emotionally, psychologically, and monetarily but …. WE CAN HELP!

Captain Flaherty and the members of Rescue 2 have set up a fund to help support the families of Brothers Wiedmann and Gersbeck. They want these men to concentrate on a full recovery rather than the additional hardships that injuries such as this can place on a family.

It’s EASY to donate and EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS !  You can donate by check or even through PAY PAL. The account is called ….


Click on the link above to visit the site directly or CLICK HERE to donate through PAY PAL.  You can also send and make  checks payable  to: RESCUE COMPANY 2  F.D.N.Y.  PO BOX 95 SAYVILLE, NY 11782 .

Ok … MORE money well spent but this one is gonna cost ya. The good news here is that it will only cost you 38 minutes of your time and it’s worth EVERY SECOND.

The Chicago Fire Department and the National Fallen Firefighter’s Foundation’s “Everyone Goes Home Initiative”  have gotten together to to produce a GREAT video. The video gives us all a look at how the Chicago Fire Department is dealing with Line Of Duty Deaths ( LODDs ) , Firefighter Close Calls, Firefighter Safety Initiatives and more.

Some of the topics covered include calling the MAYDAY, seat belt use, firefighter health/wellness and more.

Chief of Training Peter VanDorpe  says “If you think you got some good reason for not wearing this or for not doing things the right way write it down. Because I need to read that to your widow. Cause I’m not going to know what to say. You say it for me”  

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Stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines