It seems like a lot of folks these days are always putting things (something) off until “tomorrow”. For this deal … there is NO tomorrow.

Last Monday, Rhett (The Fire Critic), Zach Green (MN8-FoxFire) and I came up with an idea and a way to support a GREAT cause … supporting 2 Brothers in need.

We are scheduled to head back to New York City in the morning . We have a very busy itinerary and one of our planned stops (visits) is to be with the Captain and members of FDNY’s elite Rescue 2 in Brooklyn.

Any of you reading this post should know by now of the fire back on December 19th 2011, in Crown Heights; that left 2 members of Rescue 2 critically injured. Firefighters Gersbeck and Weidmann are still recovering today.

Unbelievable VIDEO and details of that fire from Statter911 by clicking HERE 

While Brother Gersbeck is now recovering at home, Weidmann remains in the hospital where he has undergone and faces MANY more surgeries. His road to recovery will be difficult, long and painful. It is just as difficult for his family.

Rescue 2 has a “fund” set up to help their members (and their families) in times of need just like this. They call it the “Mayday Fund”.

While Rhett, Zach and I were discussing our NYC trip, I mentioned that their was no way that we could be there and not make a special “check” on Brothers Weidmann and Gersbeck.  Knowing the hardships their families were facing, I even thought… how cool would it be if we could raise a little money to help support them? Rhett and Zach jumped on the idea 100%. Zach even went as far as putting the MN8-FoxFire Team on it and agreed to donate 50% of all sales last week to the fund!

YEA… 50% of ALL online MN8-FoxFire sales over the past week (including today) will go to the Rescue 2 Mayday Fund!!

WHAT an AWESOME gesture!

Here’s the thing though … IT ENDS today. We leave tomorrow and need to have the amounts finalized and the check cut so we can personally deliver it later this week.  This is your last chance to help us with this effort.

We even have it set up so you don’t have to make a purchase to donate… you can donate directly in any amount and every penny counts!

Think about the family driving back and forth to the hospital from Long Island… gas money. Think about then buying meals while in the city visiting their father / husband etc. Think about the bills piling up because these brothers haven’t been able to work their 2nd job.


I think about it often and HOPE that there will be a group of members like Rhett, Zach and everyone who has donated thus far to help support and watch over my family.

This is what “Brotherhood” is all about …. if we don’t have this, what’s left? I’m not asking for much here … $5.00. I know times are tight. I know VERY well as my wife is unemployed. I’ll find the money … you can too.

Don’t have that cup of Duncan Donut’s coffee this morning. How about the change from lunch or dinner tonight …. THESE FAMILIES NEED AND CAN USE IT !

Visit the MN8-FoxFire site right NOW and DONATE .. (Click HERE

TODAY … these brothers are fighting to recover. TODAY … their families sacrifice and suffer. What will YOU do to help TODAY?

Captain Wines