Paying my respect

Tomorrow morning, I will leave the station early and head up to Alexandria, Va. to attend the funeral of  Alexandria Fire Department Paramedic Joshua Weissman.

Brother Weissman died from injuries sustained while operating on the scene of a vehicle fire on I-395 on February 8, 2012. He will be buried with full Fire Department Honors tomorrow.

CLICK HERE   for the latest details on the services

I hope the funeral will be well attended …. it sounds like it will be. For those of you near Roanoke (or between here and Alexandria) I still have room in the van if you’d like to ride along. Leave a comment or message me on Face Book and I’ll get in touch. We are leaving Roanoke around 6:30am and return before midnight (we will be attending the wake as well).

Before the services, I will be meeting up with Dave Statter who is planning on providing live streaming video. Check his site for more details as they become available .. CLICK  HERE 

I hope to see you there. I URGE you to attend if at all possible. Regardless of Rank or tenure ( if you’re a “Rookie” firefighter…you definitely should attend). I believe we owe it to each other to do so. It’s paying “RESPECT” to a Brother or Sister. It’s “RESPECT” for the job we do. For knowing that the next funeral could be ours. It “HONORS” the fallen and our profession. It also reflects “PRIDE”. I can remember at the services for one of our fallen Brothers ( Captain Chris Brown ) meeting several members from out of town and even out of State. I remember how proud I was that these Brothers would travel that far to stand beside us in a time of grief. It all goes back to that word we hear so much … BROTHERHOOD.

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Today, I moved into my new office. NO … I have NOT been transferred again.

I guess I didn’t move into a “new” office, my old one was just remodeled.

We just had our new computer installed in the rig yesterday…yea… all this time we’ve been “old schooling” it in “The Noke”.

We’ve had the computers in the Battalion vehicle for a few months now so I’m not a total stranger to their operation. It is, however; a lot different trying to use it while racing down the road in a fire truck vs. punching all the buttons etc while sitting still in the Battalion car.

It actually made me kind of dizzy. I find myself looking at the screen the entire time we are in route vs all the things I usually looked for / at. Talk about “tunnel vision”.

It’s also very weird not hearing all the radio traffic…. other pieces marking enroute, on scene etc. I guess it’s just gonna take a little getting used to. The good news is that in about 20 years or so they say we’ll have all of our hydrants and pre-fire plans on there as well. I can’t believe it’s taken us this long to get em in the first place. You know what they say … 100 years of tradition unimpeded by progress!  LOL

I got something else new today …. Custom leather suspenders !

Actually, I picked em up yesterday from Rhett over at Station #3.

They were made by Wolfpak Leatherworks.

Visit their web site HERE

Find them on Face Book HERE

I LOVE EM !!  The Brothers at Wolfpak paid a lot of attention to detail.

 The front straps have my name and department on em. Wines and RFD

The back says “Iron Firemen”

What’s even more special is the fact that they added the “Buckaroo’s” name on the front as well !  OMG that’s BEAUTIFUL !

Every run I get to see his name. I think about him for a brief moment and how important it is that I make it home to him in the morning (that’s also why I have his, my daughter and wife’s picture in my helmet… it’s the last thing I see before “going to work”)

Special THANKS to the Brothers of Wolfpak Leatherworks for an OUTSTANDING job! I have worn them all day today and can say that they are very comfortable. Rhett and I will be doing a full “product review” on them after we wear em long enough to give ya a fair evaluation. When completed, you will be able to find the review on our new site..

Firefighter Product Review 

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Here are a few more pictures of my new suspenders …..don’t forget to check em out at the link above and tell em The Fire Critic and Iron sent ya!

That’s it for tonight … see ya in Alexandria tomorrow. Stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines