Happy St Patrick's Day from IronFiremen.com

Once again, I have to start off with an apology. My postings have been few and far between here lately but I should be back on a regular schedule soon. As always, my excuse is work. I’ve been completely swamped but I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Today, instead of joining my Brothers and Sisters on the Parade route and raising a few pints in celebration of St Patrick’s Day, I’m working day 2 of a 72 hour tour. Yea … 3 days straight! Friday, I worked to pay back some time that I owed to Captain Flora, of A-shift; here at Lucky #13. Today, I’m doing the same for Lt. Hauck of B-shift. Both of these Brothers worked for me a little while back to allow Rhett and I to travel.

We have both posted about “trading shifts” many times. Working a 72 would not have been my first choice …especially over the St. Patty’s Day weekend but, when you owe someone time, you don’t have the luxury of picking the day (you pay them back on a day THEY need .. not one that suits YOUR schedule).

So anyway, here I am…. at the firehouse.  I hope you folks are not stuck on duty and are having or had a GREAT St. Patrick’s Day! If you’re still at it, raise a pint or 20 for me!

I hope you all have on a little something green or you may get a pinch.

For the lads, I hope you’re covered head to toe (of course I’m talking to firemen and know that you are all most likely butt naked by this point). As for the Lasses, well …. hopefully they have on a wee bit less or at least look as good in it as the little leprechaun pictured to the right does.

Since poor little me is stuck here … maybe you guys could send me some pictures of your adventures today. Marching in the Parade … Pipes and Drums … sexy little leprechauns etc. Send em to the comment section here or to my Face Book Fan Page.

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I have a touch of green on myself today.

I’m wearing Station #3’s 2012 St Patrick’s Day shirt design.

It’s a great looking shirt! The hippies Brothers over at Station #3 call the place “The Green House”. It’s all about going “green” over there. Automatic lights, toliet water re-routed to the showers, rain water for washing the rigs, trash compactors, compost piles etc.

Since #3 is all about everything “green”, they’ve adopted the Hulk as their mascot. The shirt has the Hulk holding a leprechaun in one hand and a bunch of shamrocks in the other. There is even a pot of gold by his feet. A pretty cool design on a quality shirt. I think the shirt was developed by Eric Mulford or “Wing Nut” as I call him. Great job guys and THANKS for giving me the chance to buy one.

St Patrick’s Day always takes my mind to New York City and our Brothers of the FDNY. I used to go up every year for the Parade. We had been up so often that they even let us march along side them. My last trip up was March 2002 following the September 11th attacks. I march with the Brothers of 39/16 and will never forget the experience. I haven’t returned for a parade since.

Today is also my dad and step mothers anniversary. I missed the wedding to go to NYC for the parade but they took it really well ( they ran off to the beach and forgot to get me a ticket / hotel room  anyway …LOL ). So HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Pop and Robyn.

It was also on St Patrick’s Day 1 year ago that we met our now Fire Department Chaplain Father Sandy Webb.

Father Webb has come a long way in the past year and again I’ll say that I’m honored to have him by our side.

It started out over a meal of corned beef and cabbage. The next thing we know, he is our official Chaplain. He made it out for several visits and has even taken in a few runs with us. He has responded to all 2nd alarm and greater fires. He’s blessed my new Phenix leather helmet and now has even participated in training with us. He’s been a GREAT Chaplain and an even better friend.

Read a related post about Father Sandy Webb by clicking HERE 

Ok, moving on … I have a LOT of catching up to do so hang with me and be sure to hit all the links I provide.

Voting has begun for the 2012 Fire & EMS Blog of the Year !

The contest is once again hosted by The Fire Critic (Lt. Rhett Fleitz) and is sponsored by Fire Rescue 1.com and EMS1.com 

I was not eligible for the contest this year because Ironfiremen.com is the reining 2011 Black Diamond Footwear Fire Blog of the Year ! 

It has been a HUGE honor!

Kelly Grayson of  A Day In The Life Of An Ambulance Driver  was the much deserving winning in the EMS category.

Kelly and I (along with some others) will be the judges for this years contest.

I don’t know how many, but there were a TON of nominations. The list has been narrowed down to 28 … 14 Fire and 14 EMS related Blogs. The competition is TOUGH as they are all very good sites. Use the link below to submit your vote!

Click HERE to review nominations and VOTE for the 2012 Fire & EMS Blogs of the Year 

MN8-FoxFire doesn’t need your votes but they do want / need your help and submissions.

Zach Green and the MN8-FoxFire Team have come up with another GREAT way to keep us involved in their product.

The product was designed for us (firefighters and our safety) in the 1st place and MN8-FoxFire has always done a fantastic job of listening to our  wants / concerns and adjusting their product accordingly.

They are rewarding us again with more customer / user input. MN8-FoxFire wants your help in designing their next shirt. HOW COOL IS THAT ?!?

They are currently taking submissions for their next shirt design. The winner and the shirt will be reveled at FDIC next month. The MN8-FoxFire logo will be on the front and the winning design on the back. And YES … the shirts “glow” just like their other products! Here’s a short quote from their site …

 “The same photoluminescent technology used in Foxfire’s fire safety products will be used in the ink displayed on the shirt, enabling the graphics to brightly light up in the dark. We are looking for a design that is fabulously eye-catching and creative, but also wearable and practical. Design something you would be proud to wear yourself.” 

Click HERE for DETAILS, RULES and how to SUBMIT 

 Visit the web site by clicking HERE or find them on Face Book HERE

FDIC is just around the corner … April 16-21. MN8-FoxFire will be there once again in full force and that include me and Rhett. That’s right … make you plans now to meet up with me and Rhett while at FDIC. Our schedule is filling up fast but we will be easiest to find in the Fox Fire booth #3026 … be sure to stop in and say hello and get your personal demo of the FoxFire products!

Have you seen our new patch?

Oh yea baby … Rhett and I will have our very own patch for our uniforms etc by FDIC. They look AWESOME!

They are being made by NM Coins LLC. They are also making our badges and a new challenge coin.

We will have some to pass out at FDIC and will soon get ya the details on how to order one for your self in case you don’t get the opportunity to have your hand delivered.

I’m VERY excited on how things are shaping up so far this year …. it’s gonna be our best yet!


Visit NM Coins web site HERE or find them on Face Book HERE


You may also spot us wearing our new kilts at FDIC. Yep ….you heard me correctly … Rhett and I will be wearing  KILTS !

We’re going to keep some of the details under wraps for now ( and hopefully a lot more “under wraps” while we are wearing them) but I will let you know that they are being made by  ALT.KILT.

Check out their web site HERE  or on Face Book HERE

I also want to give you an early “heads up” on another one of our scheduled events. Rhett and I will be heading out to Sioux Falls South Dakota in September. Bob Gard is planning one hell of an event and if you are anywhere near or can make the arrangements to get out there… YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WANT TO MISS IT !

We need to tie up just a few more “loose ends” before we let all of the details out but I will tell ya that the event will benefit some very important organizations and  it’s gonna be BIG!

Make plans to be out there for the September 15th event ! 

Rhett and I will actually be out there Sept. 12-16th with a VERY full schedule. Bob has events and stops scheduled all week … come on out and join us … you wont be disappointed.

Find and “Like”  Bob Gard on Face Book HERE 

Ok, I’m going to stop here for tonight. I told ya in the beginning that I’m working B-shift today. What I failed to mention was that I’m riding backwards. It’s the Lt’s job to drive and that’s the position I’m covering but figured that the firefighter from B-shift ( Brian “gooch” Reger ) is better suited to wheel (it’s been a while for me).

Anyway, I’m riding backwards and we even caught a little work a few hours ago. Not much of a fire but I did have to make a stretch and even if I have to say so myself …. I still have it …LOL .. it was a text book stretch. The Brothers and sisters of B-shift put in some quick work, made a great stop and spared the owner a lot of damages. Well done fellas (and Heather).

I know I shouldn’t mention it but will whoever is attempting to fret Captain Dillon today PLEASE STOP.

We’ve been getting “hang up” calls all day and apparently, someone has hacked into the Engine’s computer.

I’m not sure how it happened but somehow, they got to our background and screen saver!

Some kind of little dancing elf or leprechaun or something … LMAO!

We’ve been trying to figure out how to change it or get it removed but it’s just beyond our computer skills (wink wink).

That should be enough to hold ya for tonight … I’ll still be here tomorrow for my regular shift (Sun, Tue, Thurs) and will try to get back with another post or two. Don’t forget to VOTE for you favorite Fire & EMS Blog of the year over on The Fire Critic. If you didn’t hit the link at the beginning of the post … CLICK HERE .

Until I get back to ya … stay SAFE and in House!

Captain Wines